Leadership Training

Perfect leadership training serves to anchor missing principles, competences and skills. The world is changing – what made a manager successful in the past will no longer be enough in the future. It is more than just a new management style. New management tasks are emerging, and the role of the manager is changing massively.

In our courses, we provide the basics and expertise, promote the development of soft skills, and offer space for reflection and shared learning. This is consistently geared towards the future, which is why we call it New Leadership. We customise our training courses for managers to your needs and deliver them online, on-site or hybrid.

Virtual Reality Training

Transform your leadership culture through immersive learning & VR

Dauer: 0.5 Tag
Classroom / Online
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Leading remotely and managing the hybrid workplace

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
AI for managers

Leverage artificial intelligence with our AI for managers training

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Young Leaders Development

Develop your leadership talents into future leaders

Dauer: 5 days (10 Sessions)
Classroom / Online
Sustainability Leadership Training Header Image

Enhance your skills and competences as a leader and become a driver of sustainability

Dauer: 6 days
Classroom / Online
New Leadership Training

Core principles, competences and practices for modern leadership.

Dauer: 12 days
Classroom / Online
Data Driven Leadership

A Learning Journey for Data Leaders in the Data Driven Economy

Dauer: 4 days (over 6+ weeks)
Classroom / Online

The role of the leader is changing

The role of the leader is changing because the business environment is changing. This makes the world more complex for managers, who have to deal with unknown challenges and find solutions quickly in order to remain capable of acting. Many management training programs in the past were effective in a stable and orderly corporate world. Knowledge and experience have helped. It explains, why the best employee or the most outstanding employee was made a manager.

The frequency of change is increasing dramatically. External influences are creating situations that have never existed before. And managers have to react to them. But how do you lead when knowledge and experience do not help – or are not available? The future role of managers means having the principles, competences, and tools for dynamic, uncertain, and complex environments. To feel secure in uncertainty. And to know the difference between complicated and complex. Focusing on the people again.

What leadership training can achieve

Of course, management training provides the necessary foundations: expertise, knowledge, and methods. Depending on the company, the focus is on digitalisation, sustainability, AI, data-driven business, Generation Z, new work, agility, but also new strategies or business models.

However, our courses and training programs offer much more. Personal experience and reflection are at the center of our training courses for managers. This creates awareness of one’s own leadership behavior, values and strengths. We focus on the quality of relationships, communication, values, and strengths of employees. On the visible and invisible parts of the corporate culture.

Through experience and reflection, a positive involvement, and the desire to actively develop one’s own leadership role is created. We awaken the intrinsic motivation for change, but also make people aware of the inner saboteurs and external blockages. A tailored training for managers expands the scope and effectiveness of employee management and makes managers capable of taking action.

The difference between leadership and management

In a stable, organised environment, little leadership and communication was necessary. Good management methods helped to “keep things running smoothly”. Management is more about resources, processes, structures and KPIs. The goal of management is efficiency.

Real leadership is always about people and change. Individual employees are involved in a change process. Possibly an entire organisation is transforming. Uncertainty is spreading. Transformation is always very personal and the need for communication, mentoring and coaching is increasing massively. Leadership means developing a vision of a desirable future, creating meaning, and making people want to embrace change. Leadership means developing people and accompanying them through change processes. Leadership means effectiveness.

The New Leadership domain for our Leadership Training

In collaboration with Karlshochschule International University, we have analysed various new leadership models and examined their principles. This has resulted in our New Leadership Framework. Use the principles and competencies that best suit your style and organisational culture.

Our New Leadership Framework enables leaders to both recognise their existing skills and learn new competencies. Our New Leadership Framework spans 4 domains:

Since our company was founded in 2014, we have developed over 300 formats - from one-day compact training courses and seminars lasting several days to longer programs and learning journeys that extend over an entire year.

Important for you: we do not deliver off-the-shelf leadership training programs. Our established, tried-and-tested formats are also customised to your specific requirements during a joint co-creation and concept phase. We also have a New Leadership library with over 200 different contents, methods, and techniques.

Frequently asked Questions

Often, changes require new competences and skills from the people affected. Our management training courses ensure that each individual manager becomes a driving force for change – and does not unknowingly prevent it. All our courses, seminars and training programs are tailored to your specific needs. This way, we ensure that your managers master exactly the principles, skills and tools that are important for your organisation.

This question is difficult to answer because there are thousands of trainers and offers available. In general, we stand for New Leadership, so we don’t rehash theories from the 80s/90s. We don’t just deliver knowledge with PowerPoint – there is often no shortage of that – but concentrate on application, experience, reflection and shared learning. And we don’t deliver standard formats but customise each training course to your specific requirements and needs.

In principle, many of our management training programs support cultural change at their core, i.e. they go beyond the mere transfer of skills. This makes leadership training a foundation for your organisational development.

The shortest training course lasts one day, the longest 13 days (over 3 quarters). This depends on the topic, but also on your requirements. Essentially, it is not so much the duration that is crucial, but the learning and change process. This is why we develop programs or learning journeys with several but short impulses (online or face-to-face) with self-study and peer coaching between the modules.

Preferably, every employee in a leadership role. Our New Leadership principles are new to everyone, there are no restrictions on our end. Especially the mix of first line managers, middle and senior executives often creates an interesting dynamic and a fruitful exchange.

All trainers in our community have their own management experience, have completed in-depth external coaching and/or trainer courses and have participated in our internal train-the-trainer programs.

Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back.

Are you looking for a new leadership culture, new principles, competences, and tools?

Please write us using the contact form. We look forward to getting to know you.

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