Human Resources in 2025: The biggest challenges for HR

The world of work is constantly changing. As a manager, it is not always easy to maintain an overview. Current trends in HR management in particular present HR managers with major challenges.

What’s more, although many HR experts talk a lot about ambitious goals, they don’t understand the actual difficulties their customers face.

Do you know this too? Instead of looking for sustainable strategies for your challenges, are you fobbed off with quick solutions by your consultants? In fact, this is a common phenomenon. Our increasingly complex world is to blame, making it difficult for us to recognize systemic problems.

We at triangility have therefore taken a close look at the reasons behind the challenges of personnel development – and summarized the eight most important challenges.

HR in transition: What trends are shaping HR?

The Sage study “HR in transition – outlook for 2024” gives cause for hope: More than 90% of the managers surveyed see great opportunities for HR in 2024. Probably the most interesting trend: despite artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the focus will be even more on people.

One thing is certain: The world of work is experiencing dynamic changes – and brings with it one or two challenges for HR managers.

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Challenge: Catalyzing Culture Change

“We tried that ’71 – didn’t work!”

Dare to question the “what?” in your company. Many organizations have established sophisticated processes to accompany change. However, only a few also put the approach itself up for debate. Ask yourself regularly: “What are we actually doing here?”.

Challenge: Attracting and keeping talents

“The good ones go (elsewhere).”

Finding – and above all retaining – good staff is no easy task. Internally, many companies in the HR department are faced with the big question: Why aren’t young talents in the industry coming to us? Or: Why don’t they stay?

3_Our leadership has to change but I'm not gonna make the frist step_small web

Challenge: Developing new skills

“Our leadership has to change. But I’m not going to make the first step.”

Managers in particular never stop learning. Rather, it is their task as key figures in a company to constantly work on themselves and to embody the desired changes as role models. At the same time, change always creates tension. It is the manager’s job to endure these conflicts – and to take the risk of change.

Challenge: Keeping employees healthy

“Healthy snacks in the office don’t serve burned-out people.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic at the latest, health in the workplace has taken on a whole new significance. However, the physical consequences of the pandemic were not the only challenge for companies: According to the WHO, the much more complex task is to manage the impact on employees’ mental health.

Challenge: Collaborating across generations

“We’re not here for fun. We’re here to get shit done.”

Different generations working together is always associated with conflict. Prejudices put a strain on teamwork and the corporate culture. It would be better to approach generational differences with growth-oriented solutions. Especially in the battle for skilled professionals, managers need to combine old and new ways of thinking and behaving – and harness the power of diversity.

Challenge: Promoting remote work

“My home is not longer my castle. It’s my office now.”

The pandemic has brought flexible working into our working world in one fell swoop. In fact, the proportion of employees working from home in companies has risen from 16% to 65% on average. Many have come to appreciate this business flexibility. The manager’s task is to combine different working models without employees falling by the wayside.

Challenge: Developing a Data Mindset

“I don’t need data. I’m an expert!”

More know-how in the field of digital business – this is what managers have needed since 2023 at the latest. In the coming years, digital skills, products and services will become even more important. This is the only way for companies to remain at the forefront of their industry. The problem: only 9% of the executives surveyed believe that their managers have the necessary skills and the right know-how for digital business. This was the result of a study by MIT Sloan (2019).

Challenge: Developing a learning culture

“We train our people – for what, I don’t know.”

Only a few companies succeed in establishing a learning culture with further education and training that increases their performance in the long term. Instead, learning is outsourced to HR departments – with little success. Employees receive inadequate further training and training initiatives fall by the wayside.

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