Sustainability Leadership Training

Enhance your skills and competences as a leader and become a driver of sustainability. Establish sustainable strategy, innovation and company culture.

Integrating leadership
and sustainability

Learn about goals, standards, frameworks and methods that are relevant for business leaders and their teams.

Start transformative
change of culture

Develop a corporate culture for sustainability and accompany the transformation into a sustainable future

Develop a strategy
around sustainability

Utilise the potential of sustainability and develop a sustainable strategy, business model and innovation


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What is Sustainability Leadership?

Sustainability leadership describes the responsibility of managers to anchor sustainability in companies. To do this, business leaders need sufficient knowledge, new skills and competences, must be able to apply methods and begin a transformation of the corporate culture. In future, management decisions and actions will be based on new frameworks such as ESG (environmental, social, governance) and the development of new business models such as the circular economy. Sustainability leadership combines relevant knowledge on sustainability with day-to-day management practice.

The Sustainability Leadership Training

The economy and society are facing growing global challenges. These include the unbridled consumption of resources, social injustice, massive environmental pollution and noticeable climate change.

Sustainability is a megatrend that companies are feeling – on the one hand due to changing customer needs and on the other due to increasingly pressing political conditions. Good corporate governance is characterised above all by the fact that companies assume social and ecological responsibility and deal more intensively with the interests and engagement of all relevant stakeholders. At the same time, waste avoidance, the circular economy and regenerative transformation open up new opportunities for success and long-term growth.

In order to utilise this potential and contribute to solving our global challenges, changes are necessary. This includes developing and implementing a sustainability strategy, adapting business models, foster innovation and training managers. In addition, an inspiring narrative is needed to convey the meaning of this transformation and involve all employees.

This learning journey provides the knowledge, skills and necessary tools that all managers need. This will turn them into shapers of their sustainable future.

Sustainability Leadership is a core part of New Leadership.

Sustainability leadership is also anchored in the 17 Principles for New Leadership. Discover all 17 principles here.


Evaluate business performance on social and ecological value contribution

Rather than

Measure success based on profit and loss
All principles


Holistic stakeholder inclusion is vital for creating positive impact inside and outside the organisation

Rather than

Relevance of stakeholders is defined by their positive influence on profit and economic value
All principles

Content of the Sustainability Leadership Training

Module 1: Sustainability & Strategy

What are we talking about when we talk about sustainability? Sustainability is becoming a strategic imperative. But different terms circulate in business management, and all of them only describe (large or small) aspects of sustainability. In the first module, we create context: participants are given an overview of the fundamental laws, initiatives at global and EU/national level, frameworks and approaches.

  • Definition and understanding of sustainability and its aspects (ESG – economic, environmental, social).
  • Global goals for sustainability and legal requirements (e.g. Agenda 2030, UN Sustainability Development Goals and EU measures)
  • Drivers and trends that influence sustainability and measuring the impact
  • Opportunities and growth potential in connection with sustainable business practices
  • Sustainability transformation – a simple transformation model for designing a sustainable company

Module 2: Building a sustainable business

Companies want to develop products and services based on sustainable standards. Business models are adapted. In the second module, the team uses familiar and new methods to discover sustainability challenges but also new opportunities for products, services and business capabilities. We examine the building blocks for future business and how they can be developed.

  • Sustainability Design – How to use familiar methods to reduce complexity and develop sustainable products, services and business models (e.g. Design & System Thinking, Business Model Design).
  • Recognising opportunities – Get to know the latest methods and tools to develop potentials and achieve sustainability goals and impact your bottom line (e.g. ReSOLVE, Buttefly model, Circular Economy).
  • Sustainable business models – Discover strategies and best practices for designing sustainable business models (e.g. Closing The Loop, Green Supply Chain, etc.)
  • Enablers of Sustainability – Overview of the relevant building blocks (technology, data, leadership, people & culture) that enable and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable organisation.

Module 3: Designing sustainable organizations

Sustainability in organisations is not a project, but the beginning of a profound cultural change. In the third module, managers learn to decisively shape the framework conditions for this, deal with resistance, develop communication for sustainability & change and thus support all stakeholders.

  • Responsible leadership – develop your leadership role further and become a pioneer for more sustainability in the company
  • Sustainability hero’s journey – dealing with motivations and resistance from teams (role of mentor, enabler and networker)
  • Storytelling & communication – Explore and understand the needs of your stakeholders, develop key messages, communication strategy and structures and a sustainability story

Download the detailed description of the training as a PDF document here:

This is included in the Training:

Experienced Experts

Our experts have many years of experience with digital technologies, data analytics and sustainability and have worked as managers in various companies. This expertise is now at your disposal.

Learning by doing

The training is a laboratory. You learn new things, apply them and reflect on what you have learned. Experience and reflection are an essential part of the training - we don't deliver a PowerPoint battle.

Learning Library

All participants have access to our extensive learning library with over 200 units, videos, templates and more resources, which can also be used in day-to-day leadership situations.


All participants work together intensively and form a community. Even after the training, you remain part of a leadership community and can actively develop your leadership skills.

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Stephan Grabmeier

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Make Sustainability Leadership your in-house training

Would you like to run this as an in-house training course? Would you like to work on specific case studies or challenges in your company?

We tailor our formats to your needs or the needs of your managers and teams. To start with, we offer you a free co-creation (90 min). Let’s start with an initial meeting

Our Method

This Learning Journey consists of three integrated elements: Classroom training, challenges in self-organized learning groups and on-demand learning. In 3 modules, our experienced trainers provide helpful insights and skills relating to sustainable leadership, which are further developed in self-organized learning groups.

The active application of the content in everyday working life is crucial in order to not only deepen new knowledge, but also to achieve visible success for your organization. To make this possible, we provide participants with a wide range of exercises and tools that ensure an exceptional and successful learning experience and outcome.

In addition, we can tailor this learning journey to your organization and enable managers to act like in-house consultants and develop concrete approaches for Sustainability.

Customers of the Sustainability Leadership Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainable leadership is so crucial as the environment for businesses is changing fundamentally. We are experiencing a transition from the shareholder to the stakeholder economy. New stakeholders are setting new conditions for corporate success. Sustainable development is no longer managed by a small team, but is realized by all managers and employees in companies.

Our Sustainable Leadership course provides the necessary content, concepts and tools so that managers can familiarise themselves with the new conditions for sustainable corporate management and fulfil their responsibilities.

The Sustainable Leadership training supports your company by communicating the responsibilities and opportunities for managers. New stakeholders with new interests create greater complexity. It becomes more difficult to make “good” ethical decisions. Our Learning Journey helps managers by clarifying the framework conditions for companies on the one hand, and teaching new methods for making ethical and responsible decisions on the other.

The key principles of sustainability leadership training are accepting increased complexity and responsibility as well as entrepreneurship. Complexity and sustainable entrepreneurship require new knowledge, skills and tools. Our training provides all of that in a condensed yet handy format. That helps leaders to learn and establish them in practice.

Ideally, every employee in a leadership role, that includes business owners, senior executives, middle and first line managers. Our New Leadership principles are new to everyone, so we do not impose any restrictions on our part. The mix of first line managers, middle and senior executives in particular often creates an interesting dynamic and a fruitful exchange.

Each training or program is developed to meet the specific requirements of your company. This begins with a co-creation, concept phase, iterative improvements and a roll-out. We don’t do anything “off the shelf”, but immerse ourselves deeply in your culture and structure. In this way, our work becomes part of your organizational development.

Admittedly, this is a challenge. How do you combine universal New Leadership principles and new leadership skills with very specific, strategic topics such as digitalization, AI or sustainability?

And how do you adapt this to your company? We master this through our community of trainers from different disciplines, who are integrated into the development process from the outset and “speak the same language”. This means we cover a diverse range of topics, but work together with the same spirit.

All of the trainers in our community have their own leadership experience, have all completed in-depth external coaching and/or trainer education and have also taken part in our internal train-the-trainer programs.

Contact us

Do you have questions about Sustainability Leadership Training? We look forward to talking to you! We will be happy to answer your questions about your goals, topics, requirements and conditions for your transformation – and of course about dates and costs. Please write to Verena using the contact form.

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