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Explore our seminars, workshops and learning journeys for leaders and teams. Change needs leadership – and leaders and their teams need new principles, competencies and methods around New Work, New Leadership, Data & Analytics, Service Design Thinking, Customer Experience, Sustainability & Business Sustainability. Our leadership trainings change perspectives and provide immediate impact and actions for your transformation to a digital and sustainable organization.

We are used to work with small teams but also with large groups (more than 100 participants) – on-site and in hybrid environments. Internationally and in different languages, regions and time zones.

Impact Business Design Workshop Header Image

Start your strategically sustainable organizational development with Impact Design.

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Business Navigation Workshop

Determine your location, define lines of development and navigate into the future

Dauer: 0.5-1 day
Virtual Reality

Transform your leadership culture through immersive learning & VR

Dauer: 1 day
Hybride Führung Header Image

Leading remotely and managing the hybrid workplace

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
AI for managers

Leverage artificial intelligence with our AI for managers training

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Junior Leadership Program

Develop your leadership talents into future leaders

Dauer: 5 days (10 Sessions)
Classroom / Online
Sustainability Leadership Training Header Image

Enhance your skills and competences as a leader and become a driver of sustainability

Dauer: 6 days
Classroom / Online
New Leadership Training

Core principles, competences and practices for modern leadership.

Dauer: 12 days
Classroom / Online
Service Co-Creation Header b_w

Develop innovative services and offer an outstanding customer experience.

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Business Transformation Workshop

Start business transformation and develop the business model in 9 steps.

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Future Thinking Workshop Header Image

Synthesize and sense-making of noticeable signals from the future.

Dauer: 2 days
Data Driven Leadership

A Learning Journey for Data Leaders in the Data Driven Economy

Dauer: 3 days
Classroom / Online

Leadership Workshops

A leadership workshop is planned when you have a specific challenge. Are you looking for sustainable business models? Or innovative products and digital services? Perhaps you would like to bring all managers together to start the change together. Take the lead.

We provide the methods, coaching, take over the preparation, create the environment and accompany your change. You work effectively on your future and strengthen your leadership position. Our Future Design Workshops for managers are intensive but effective.

Leadership Training

Perfect leadership training serves to anchor missing principles, competences and skills. The world is changing – what made a manager successful in the past will no longer be enough in the future. It is more than just a new management style. New management tasks are emerging, and the role of the manager is changing massively.

In our courses, we provide the basics and expertise, promote the development of soft skills, and offer space for reflection and shared learning. This is consistently geared towards the future, which is why we call it New Leadership. We customise our training courses for managers to your needs and deliver them online, on-site or hybrid.


Leadership Development Program

The development of leaders is important. Do you agree? After all, leaders are supposed to drive change processes and anchor new topics in the organization. They should be a driving force and change the culture, while at the same time aligning their team and all employees with new strategies, initiatives or business models. And, of course, ensure that day-to-day business is carried out successfully.

Whether we are talking about junior managers or senior executives, everyone is increasingly confronted with phenomena and challenges that have never been seen before. A few new skills or methods are not enough. In a leadership program, you want to go deeper and anchor new principles. You want a real change that cannot be achieved in a 2-day training program or seminar.