Virtual Reality Leadership Training

Transform your leadership culture through Immersive Learning & Virtual Reality

Immersive Learning

Use virtual reality and immerse yourself in an interactive, virtual world. Learn new behaviors and skills there effectively and experientially

Future Skills

Virtual Reality sparks curious experimentation and cooperation - important prerequisites for companies in the future. Virtual Reality supports you in acquiring these future competencies as a leader.

Employer Branding

Underline your role as a forward-looking company and make a statement. Virtual reality inspires the curiosity of employees and makes you attractive for talents as well.

What is immersive learning?

Immersive learning describes a methodology that uses digital technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) to learn new behaviors and competencies. Learners are immersed in an interactive learning environment (immersion) that stimulates interaction, collaboration, and creative problem solving, leading to lasting learning experiences in a short period of time. Immersive learning reinforces learning through experience.

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The Virtual Reality Leadersip Training

Training description

Leadership today means being able to deal with increasing complexity and uncertainty. On the one hand, you as a manager (still) have little knowledge and experience in dealing with constantly new challenges (economic, technological, social, political, ecological), on the other hand, you have to decide and act in order to remain capable of action. How do you remain effective as a leader in spite of this?

In dynamic environments with high uncertainty, managers and their teams fundamentally need a different approach. Knowledge and experience are retrospective, but new environments need a focus on learning. Those who learn and cooperate quickly will be successful.

We will recreate this situation in virtual reality. We invite you to spend an hour in a completely unknown world. We will set you tasks that you have never had to solve before – in an environment that functions according to different rules.

Then we examine what this actually means for your corporate world. We reflect on behaviors, competencies and principles that you can transfer to your everyday leadership. You will learn about the unconscious parts of culture and new tools to train yourself, your team and your company in dealing with uncertainty and complexity.

Learning objectives

In this innovative VR training for leaders, we will guide you through an intense, transformative experience – through immersive learning and virtual reality.

You will be immersed in a hierarchy-free virtual world where you can safely experiment with new ways of thinking, acting and collaborating. You will gain breakthrough insights about yourself, others and your work, and increase your creativity, empathy and agility.

You will playfully experiment in virtual space with new forms of collaboration that create sustainable change in real life.

You will also transfer these insights quite pragmatically into a real-life context, define necessary competencies and tools for your everyday business and take away practical implementation ideas.

You will gain insight into the future while creating an unforgettable team experience.

What comes with it?

Experienced Experts

Together with Lumium, we have many years of experience with digital technologies, organizational development and leadership in technology companies - you benefit from this expertise.

Sustainable Learning

In a virtual reality, we trick the brain and simulate a completely unknown environment in which participants must compete. The learning experience is not only cognitive, but emotional and is thus deeply anchored.

Outstanding Experience

In addition to the learning experience, you will also have fun in VR. Get involved in this adventure and have an outstanding, transformative experience.

Our Virtual Reality Training for executives can be conducted on-site or remotely. It is designed for teams of 4-12 people and can be conducted as a stand-alone workshop or integrated as an add-on module into any triangility Learning Journey.

Together with our partner LUMIUM (German), we take care of hardware, software and logistics necessary for a trouble-free Virtual Reality Workshop.

Training modules

Introduction and Preparation

We begin this transformative learning experience with an informal check-in session. We’ll familiarize you with the process, define the goal and purpose of this workshop with you, and agree on the ground rules for the Journey into Virtual Reality.

Journey into Virtual Reality

Now we start the journey into Virtual Reality. After a short briefing on the necessary technology, your team is ready to start the Virtual Reality Workshop. In the course of 60 minutes, they will have to solve challenges in an unknown world – creativity, cooperation, courage and empathy will help you.

Reflect on the journey
You have gained intense experience in successfully solving problems in a complex, unfamiliar world. You discovered what skills help you do this and what principles are relevant. You have been collaborative and creative and will now reflect on your experience in light of your previous behaviors and beliefs.

The following steps will help you to reflect:
  • Where do you find parallels between your everyday leadership and virtual reality?
  • What is the difference between complicated and complex – and how do you deal with it?
  • How can you promote cooperation and co-creation and develop a culture that can deal with complexity and uncertainty?
  • What role does hierarchy play in this? Where does it enable, where does it prevent change?
  • How can dialogic communication and agile structures help reduce complexity, foster empathy, spark creativity, and heighten self-reflection?
  • What practical changes will you make in order to integrate the experiences from virtual reality into everyday management?

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