Hybrid Leadership Training

Leading effectively at a distance and in hybrid working environments. Master the “new normal” confidently and successfully.

Leading Teams
in hybrid

Discover 18 hacks of hybrid leadership to perfectly master remote, virtual and distance leadership and quickly learn the necessary skills and methods

Hybrid work
for everyone

Enable hybrid work for all teams and employees and create a people-centred environment

hybrid working

Encourage hybrid working in your teams, learn to break down spatial and technical boundaries and promote productivity and collaboration


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What is Hybrid Leadership?

Hybrid leadership is the leadership style for the hybrid working world. Hybrid working world means that two forms of work co-exist: on the one hand, working in the office (presence) and on the other hand, mobile working in the home office or at other locations (virtual). Hybrid leadership means integrating both forms of work in such a way that spatial and technical boundaries dissolve and relationships and collaboration between employees are maintained. Hybrid leadership requires a ‘digital first’ approach and new competences from managers.

The Hybrid Leadership Training

Since the Covid-19 pandemic at the latest, virtual working has become the norm for many people. Companies have set up and provided new infrastructures at record speed. The majority of managers are convinced that employees will have the freedom to choose between the office and home office, between being present and working virtually – hybrid work is here to stay.

But how can managers successfully manage in a hybrid working world? Technology alone will not be the answer. Instead, managers will be guided by new leadership principles that put people at the centre of everything they do. Only with this people-centred approach will they be able to make good use of new technologies and gain advantages for themselves and their team.

Equipped with new skills, managers will integrate remote leadership and leadership in the home office in a way that strengthens relationships and the well-being of teams, but also develops ideas, makes decisions and enables productive collaboration.

The Hybrid Leadership training helps managers to master the complexity of digital platforms and technologies and to focus on people. Learn how to promote purpose, a sense of belonging, motivation, well-being and health, creativity, productivity and collaboration in a future hybrid working world.


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Content of the Hybrid Leadership Training

Module 1: Experiences and scenarios of hybrid leadership

After a short warm-up, we will work together to clarify the purpose (why), the desired results (what) and the logistics (how) of the two days.

We will start by taking stock of positive and negative experiences, insights, information, thoughts and emotions around hybrid leadership. We will then move to the unconscious level of values, beliefs and assumptions – and how these might conflict with hybrid leadership.

We will then think about specific challenges and questions relating to remote leadership, leadership in the home office and hybrid environments and summarise these in scenarios. Because: Hybrid leadership is more than just holding online meetings.

Challenge: Apply the Reflection Map to attitude & behaviour and your experiences with hybrid leadership and derive 3-5 scenarios from it

Module 2: The 18 hacks for hybrid leadership

Effective leadership in hybrid working environments integrates processes, resources and technologies and aligns them with people. Managers must change their leadership role and become ‘facilitators of collaboration’ across spatial and technical boundaries. To make this easier for you, we have developed 18 hacks for hybrid leadership. You will now get to know and apply them.

After a look at various virtual tools that make hybrid work easier, more fun and engaging, we will dive into the hybrid leadership hacks. We’ll explore how you can apply these in different scenarios – and which formats make sense.

Everything is always easier in training than in daily practice. You will therefore develop strategies for how you will use the hacks in everyday life. What effects do you hope to achieve and what resistance might you encounter? You develop concrete plans to introduce the hacks in your specific day-to-day management work and in small steps.

Challenge: Apply our RCA process to each scenario. Find out what you need to change in your leadership behaviour and daily management to enable a successful transformation to hybrid leadership.

Module 3: Fostering hybrid collaboration

Finally, we will introduce you to our WIRKSAM formula. You will use it to prepare specifically for upcoming hybrid meetings, workshops or events.

WIRKSAM integrates all the elements and hacks you have learnt so far and offers measures to improve virtual collaboration, interaction, creativity and productivity. Finally, you will learn about the increasing importance of storytelling in hybrid working environments, learn how to use it and develop your story.

With the hybrid leadership training programme, you will increase your know-how, skills and working methods, develop your communication and leadership style and strengthen your effectiveness as a leader. You will be able to moderate hybrid teams and achieve effective success. You will take away a range of tools and methods that you can apply immediately and share with your colleagues.

Challenge: Apply the WIRKSAM formula to plan upcoming meetings, workshops or events.

Download the detailed description of the training as a PDF document here:

This is included in the Training:

Experienced Experts

Our experts have many years of experience with digital technologies, data analytics and AI and have worked as managers in technology companies. This expertise is now at your disposal.

Learning by doing

The training is a laboratory. You learn new things, apply them and reflect on what you have learned. Experience and reflection are an essential part of the training - we don't deliver a PowerPoint battle.

Learning Library

All participants have access to our extensive learning library with over 200 units, videos, templates and more resources, which can also be used in day-to-day leadership situations.


All participants work together intensively and form a community. Even after the training, you remain part of a leadership community and can actively develop your leadership skills.

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Make Hybrid Leadership your in-house training

Would you like to run this as an in-house training course? Would you like to work on specific case studies or challenges in your company?

We tailor our formats to your needs or the needs of your managers and teams. To start with, we offer you a free co-creation (90 min). Let’s start with an initial meeting

Our Method

This Learning Journey consists of three integrated elements: Classroom training, challenges in self-organized learning groups and on-demand learning. In 3 modules, our experienced trainers provide helpful insights and skills relating to hybrid leadership, which are further developed in self-organized learning groups.

The active application of the content in everyday working life is crucial in order to not only deepen new knowledge, but also to achieve visible success for your organization. To make this possible, we provide participants with a wide range of exercises and tools that ensure an exceptional and successful learning experience and outcome.

In addition, we can tailor this learning journey to your organization and enable managers to develop concrete approaches for a hybrid culture.

Customers of the Data Driven Leadership Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Training for hybrid leadership addresses several challenges. What technical options are available to create an experience that is as effective and human as possible? How can people remain not only productive but also healthy at a distance? How do you structure meetings or workshops in virtual space to solve complex problems, develop ideas – and at the same time not lose sight of the personal needs of hybrid teams?

Hybrid leadership training strengthens a number of core competences: empathy, complex problem solving, promoting co-creative processes and communication. The training does not teach these competences anew, but provides instructions on how they can succeed in the new normality of the hybrid world.

Hybrid leadership increases team performance through conscious and intelligent moderation. Performance can only emerge when clarity and a safe environment have been created. Our training on hybrid leadership helps managers to bring security and “humanity” into the hybrid working environment. And we provide a lot of impulses and structures in a compact format to make the collaboration of all team members in virtual space as productive as in presence.

At best, every manager who has to lead distributed teams at a distance or in hybrid environments. These requirements of the world of work are new for everyone, and together the necessary competences are developed throughout the company.

There are two fundamental trends that are becoming increasingly important in hybrid leadership: Health & wellbeing on the one hand and the use of data & AI on the other.

Managers are increasingly confronted with employees’ health (physical and mental) problems. Some people thrive in hybrid environments, others suffer more due to a lack of belonging or relationships. Managers need to understand this and be more conscious of creating a virtual working environment where tasks and results are managed in a people-centred culture. In addition, digital and data skills are becoming more important in order to handle technological tools with confidence and to lead and make decisions based on data as well as “gut feeling”.

Each training or programme is developed to meet the specific requirements of your company. This starts with a co-creation meeting, concept phase, iterative improvements and a roll-out. We don’t do anything “off the shelf”, but immerse ourselves deeply in your culture and structure. In this way, our work becomes part of your organisational development.

Admittedly, this is a challenge. How do you combine universal New Leadership principles and new leadership skills with very specific, strategic topics such as digitalization, AI or sustainability?

And how do you adapt this to your company? We master this through our community of trainers from different disciplines, who are integrated into the development process from the outset and “speak the same language”. This means we cover a diverse range of topics, but work together with the same spirit.

All of the trainers in our community have their own leadership experience, have all completed in-depth external coaching and/or trainer education and have also taken part in our internal train-the-trainer programs.

Contact us

Do you have questions about Hybrid Leadership Training? We look forward to talking to you! We will be happy to answer your questions about your goals, topics, requirements and conditions for your transformation – and of course about dates and costs. Please write to Verena using the contact form.

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