Learning Experience Design

Transformation is learning. We develop innovative and customized workshops, trainings and learning journeys for leaders, teams and the entire organization.

What is in it for you?


We redefine leadership in your organization and help executives unleash the potential of their people.


We make exclusive insights from the disciplines of strategy, structure, culture, leadership and technology easily accessible to leaders.

Learning Experiences

Infinite combinations of expertise, right to your demand, delivered as a sustainable learning experience.

Leaders are Creators

New Leaders are thought leaders shaping the future – especially in uncertain times.

They break new ground and set things in motion by integrating their people. This way, they ensure that the New Leadership approach is understood, embraced and lived throughout the organization.

To succeed, New Leaders need new competencies from the following five disciplines: strategy, culture, structure, technology and leadership. We help leaders acquire these.

New Leadership Domains

We spent time to save you time. We extracted the essence of several leadership models suited for 21st century business. Apply the principles and competences that are best adapted to your style and organizational culture.

Understanding the new leadership framework allows leaders to recognize their own capabilities. Leaders will then transform their teams and organizations, harnessing versatility while maintaining stability.

Quick Impact through agile LX Design


Understanding your learning requirements


Provide Ideas, knowledge and wisdom from a wide range of disciplines (Strategy, Leadership, Structure, Culture, Technology)

Design & Test

Co-Create Learning Content within our community of Experts and Learning Experience Designer


Deliver outstanding learning experiences & journeys (classroom, social & on-the-job) based on didactical methods from Psychology & Neuroscience


Establish new competencies measurably and sustainably in the daily practice

Depth & Sustainability through Learning Journeys

Real learning starts after classroom sessions. When we design Learning Journeys, we integrate classroom, social learning learning and on-the-lob learning to provide a sustainable learning experience



At your office or online, we teach you New Leadership principles, competencies and tools in a structured and practical way. You will build a foundation of knowledge that you will deepen with practice throughout your Learning Journey.


Under our guidance, you will work collaboratively in self-directed groups on specific case studies or real-world projects to discuss and consolidate learned knowledge (also virtually).

On the Job

Throughout the journey, we provide curated content and micro-learning, that enables you to continously learn situation-based and on-the-job.

What makes us unique


Our innovative Learning Journeys are specifically designed to deliver measurable and, most importantly, sustainable learning outcomes.


With our interdisciplinary approach, we combine all necessary competencies in holistic Learning Experiences.


Because every company is unique, we take an agile approach to LX design – matching our clients’ needs through bespoke content curation.

Essential Workshops and Training for Leaders

Discover our range of workshops, training and seminars on New Leadership!

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