Leadership Development Program

The development of leaders is important. Do you agree? After all, leaders are supposed to drive change processes and anchor new topics in the organization. They should be a driving force and change the culture, while at the same time aligning their team and all employees with new strategies, initiatives or business models. And, of course, ensure that day-to-day business is carried out successfully.

Whether we are talking about junior managers or senior executives, everyone is increasingly confronted with phenomena and challenges that have never been seen before. A few new skills or methods are not enough. In a leadership program, you want to go deeper and anchor new principles. You want a real change that cannot be achieved in a 2-day training program or seminar.

Young Leaders Development

Develop your leadership talents into future leaders

Dauer: 5 days (10 Sessions)
Classroom / Online
Sustainability Leadership Training Header Image

Enhance your skills and competences as a leader and become a driver of sustainability

Dauer: 6 days
Classroom / Online
New Leadership Training

Core principles, competences and practices for modern leadership.

Dauer: 12 days
Classroom / Online
Data Driven Leadership

A Learning Journey for Data Leaders in the Data Driven Economy

Dauer: 4 days (over 6+ weeks)
Classroom / Online

How important is leadership development?

Many managers have rarely or never dealt with their leadership tasks and their role. Many are appointed as managers without being prepared for this through further training, counselling or coaching. As a result, managers (unconsciously) adopt the behaviour they have experienced themselves or copy from colleagues. This permanently reinforces the culture.

At the same time, expectations of leaders are changing. From being a pure supervisor to coaching employees. From managing to supporting teams in change processes. From managing day-to-day business to developing new business models, innovations and services. The world for managers is becoming more complex and dynamic.

Principles, knowledge and experience from the past no longer help in the future. A leadership development programme creates sustainability. Instead of short, one-off impulses, we initiate a continuous learning process. New knowledge and new experiences are acquired, reflected upon and anchored. These programs are like a journey – which is why we call them learning journeys.

What is the difference between a leadership development program and a seminar?

A seminar is a one-off event. It is ideally suited to imparting specialised knowledge, methodological skills and simple applications in a very focused field. HR developers often criticise the low level of transfer into everyday life. Development programs for leaders go much deeper. They are developed to anchor new principles as well as competences, and usually in a much broader field.

A real program is designed in several stages and offers a series of short or longer training sessions, impulses, workshops, self-organised learning with colleagues, feedback and reflection. It is deliberately offered over a longer period of time so that leaders can apply newly acquired knowledge in practice and reflect on their experiences.

How is a development program for managers structured?

When designing a program – or a learning journey – we don’t just define content and a didactic process. We also consider the different formats and learning spaces: learning in training, self-organised work on case studies with colleagues and on-the-job applications. These three levels are harmonised so that they reinforce each other and increase learning success.

The development of a program begins with co-creation together with you. In a structured process, we talk about the challenges facing leaders and the organisation and the desired results. We then identify the necessary principles, competences, methods and tools and talk about formats for the learning journey. This co-creation usually lasts 90 minutes and is free of charge for you.

We use the results of the co-creation to design an initial concept, review it with you, conduct a pilot training session, measure the effectiveness of the program and implement any necessary changes. The programme can then be scaled up and rolled out at various of your locations. Internal train-the-trainer sessions help to ensure that all trainers involved are familiar with the framework, content and context of the programme and can adapt it to their respective cultures. Last but not least, we also take care of the planning of dates and rooms, the invitation and registration process, rebookings – and also send all participants an individual certificate.

Leadership development program example

We have already developed and implemented development programs for managers with the following clients. In some cases over several years and across various international locations::

We deliver our programs worldwide. Managers in the USA take part just as much as colleagues from Germany or China.

To date, we have worked with managers in over 50 countries. Our community of almost 30 trainers is organised on a decentralised basis and can deliver training in the local language and with the same cultural background as the participants. This is an invaluable asset for international companies.

Frequently asked Questions

A program is created through several coordinated formats. These can take place in person or online and are supplemented by self-organised learning through case studies and practical application. Sustainability is achieved through continuity, reflection and feedback. A program can last between 6 weeks and a year. Programs are usually developed company-wide and offered to managers over several years.

Leadership programs are more than just imparting skills. They help people to consciously and actively develop their own leadership role, to work according to new principles and thus also to change the culture in the company. Good leadership development programs are therefore always linked to a cultural change.

Each program is developed to meet the specific requirements of the company. This begins with a co-creation, concept phase, iterative improvements and a roll-out. We don’t do anything “off the shelf”, but immerse ourselves deeply in your culture and structure. The program becomes part of your organisational development.

Admittedly, this is a challenge. How do you combine universal new leadership principles and new leadership skills with very specific, strategic topics such as digitalisation, AI or sustainability?

And how do we tailor this to your company? We master this through our community of trainers from different disciplines, who are integrated into the development process from the outset and “speak the same language”. This means we cover a diverse range of topics, but work together with the same spirit.

"Only those who set out will discover new lands!"

Are you also looking for a new leadership culture, new principles, competences and tools - and do you want to anchor them sustainably and internationally?

Please write to us using the contact form. We look forward to getting to know you.


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