AI for Managers

Leverage artificial intelligence with our AI for managers training. Discover practical applications and implement them in your daily management routine.

Artificial Intelligence

After this training, you will understand the basic concepts and tools of artificial intelligence and be able to have a sound say.

Create a
Data-Driven Culture

Learn about the impact of AI on the future of your company. Use your knowledge to further develop your strategy and business model.

Use AI
as a Manager

Playfully discover the possibilities of AI in everyday management. Prepare better decisions faster and make targeted use of AI.


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What does AI for Managers mean?

AI for managers is revolutionising the way decisions are made and companies are managed. By using artificial intelligence, managers can carry out more precise analyses and predictions, increase efficiency and develop personalised strategies. AI-supported tools enable faster processing of large amounts of data, which leads to more informed decisions and innovative solutions. AI also offers the opportunity to automate routine tasks, leaving more room for real leadership and strategic planning. The implementation of AI promotes a data-driven culture and requires managers to continuously educate themselves and be open to technological change. AI for leaders therefore means not only improving operational efficiency, but also transforming the leadership role itself.

The AI for Managers Training

Artificial intelligence is on the rise. Countless AI tools are already available to managers today. In many use cases, AI has the potential to support managers and teams with daily challenges and make valuable contributions.

With our training AI for managers, you will immerse yourself in the transformative world of artificial intelligence. You will get to know concepts, can try out AI technologies and discover possible applications. At the same time, AI in leadership becomes tangible and delivers added value through best practices that are tailored to your company.

The training as part of your management development also helps to break down barriers in dealing with AI and enable easy access. We do not deliver a theoretical lecture, but a hands-on AI leadership training. During the seminar, participants learn how to deal with AI in a playful way – in the sense of AI Serious Play – and build up valuable AI knowledge along the way. No prior knowledge is necessary.

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More Information

“Artificial Intelligence cannot do the thinking for us.”

(Thomas Ramge, Author)

Content of the AI Training for Managers

Module 1: Demystifying AI

AI and leadership: learn why AI and algorithms are reshaping the leadership landscape and how you can adapt to this dynamically changing world.

Demystifying AI: Prior knowledge is not necessary – gain an overview, learn technical language and concepts (machine learning, deep learning, handling data, etc.)

Module 2: AI in Practice

Increase decision quality: Use AI to consciously recognize existing biases in order to prepare more informed and objective decisions.

AI in practice: Strengthen your knowledge of important AI systems and tools in a fun way and develop practical use cases.

Exchange with experts: More than just training – exchange ideas with employees and participants, discuss examples, services, AI applications and possible AI projects

Prompt engineering: Learn prompt engineering together and use powerful prompts effectively for research, drafts, presentations or keynotes

Practical AI applications: Simulate typical leadership tasks with the support of AI and explore the benefits of this technology.

Module 3: The Future with AI

Build trust in AI: Keep data protection in mind for potential AI projects, review the use of AI and the legal requirements for implementation

Future of AI: Take a look into the future – what impact will AI have on your company’s business model, what developments can you anticipate?

Download the detailed description of the training as a PDF document here:

This is included in the Training:

Experienced Experts

Our experts have many years of experience with digital technologies, data analytics and AI and have worked as managers in technology companies. This expertise is now at your disposal.

Learning by doing

The training is a laboratory. You learn new things, apply them and reflect on what you have learned. Experience and reflection are an essential part of the training - we don't deliver a PowerPoint battle.

Learning Library

All participants have access to our extensive learning library with over 200 units, videos, templates and more resources, which can also be used in day-to-day leadership situations.


All participants work together intensively and form a community. Even after the training, you remain part of a leadership community and can actively develop your leadership skills.


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Make AI for Managers your in-house Training

Would you like to run this as an in-house training course? Would you like to work on specific case studies or challenges in your company?

We tailor our formats to your needs or the needs of your managers and teams. To start with, we offer you a free co-creation (90 min). Let’s start with an initial meeting

Our Method

The training was specially developed for managers. It combines the knowledge and experience of our experts with theoretical input, practical exercises, self-reflection and peer-to-peer exchange.

The two-day seminar is structured into 9 in-depth lessons. Participants will develop a deep understanding of AI as well as practical knowledge and application possibilities.

This knowledge is deepened and further developed in interactive learning groups. It is particularly important to us that participating managers can apply what they have learned to real-life scenarios – the key to promoting individual and team-based transformations.

To ensure outstanding learning outcomes, we offer participants a variety of exercises, frameworks and hands-on experiences.

Customers of the AI Training for Managers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. 91% of managers see it as an opportunity for themselves in their leadership role (IMPACT by A.T. Kearney, 2024), but 43% also see the possibility of disruption for leadership.

AI is therefore both an opportunity and a risk. It offers the opportunity to replace essential activities with AI and fundamentally change the role of leadership for employees. So get to grips with AI now and make the most of the opportunities.

The advantage of AI training for managers is that you can try out this technology in a playful way, just like in a laboratory. Guided by an experienced trainer, you can explore the potential of AI and apply it to your day-to-day management work. No prerequisites are necessary. Your participation in the training opens up new opportunities and strengthens the future viability of your role in the company.

The AI training improves managers’ decision making by using AI to help them analyze a problem, develop solutions and make suggestions for implementation. AI models have been trained with huge amounts of data – more than a human brain could ever process. The potential of AI is therefore to recognize patterns and generate suggestions for you in a fraction of a second. This pattern recognition is already being used in various disciplines today, for example in medical diagnostics.

AI will have a massive impact on the management of employees. Managers (and their teams) will have to analyze problems, develop solutions and implement them. The available data can often only be used to a limited extent, making predictions difficult. Many decisions that are still made by humans today can be made better and faster by AI. Used sensibly, teams can become more autonomous – but must accept AI as a new “team player”. And managers themselves will find that their own role will change. Overall, AI as a tool will become the new partner in all teams within an organization.

Ethics play a very important role in the context of AI training. AI intelligence recognizes patterns and develops modelled suggestions. However, it does not give yes/no answers, but works with probabilities. It is still up to the manager to make the decision. Ethical conflicts are increasingly occurring in borderline areas, for example when AI could violate important employee rights or compromise the privacy of users.

Other ethical issues lie in the area of training data. AI recognizes patterns based on this training data – the decisive factor is which training data is made available to the AI and how bias is excluded (e.g. when handling applicant data or testing new services). Managers need to develop sensitivity when dealing with AI, but also know the legal framework.

All types of companies can benefit from AI training. There are already several hundred AI models available today that employees in companies can already use. Others are being developed for specific applications, industries or processes and are being deeply integrated into existing environments (e.g. Microsoft Office or ERP systems). In our AI seminar for managers, you will discover undreamt-of possibilities for how AI can already provide you with valuable services today.

At best, every employee in a management role. Artificial intelligence is new to everyone, so we do not impose any restrictions on our part. The mix of first line managers, middle and senior executives in particular often creates an interesting dynamic and a fruitful exchange.

Each training or program is developed to meet the specific requirements of your company. This begins with a co-creation, concept phase, iterative improvements and a roll-out. We don’t do anything “off the shelf”, but immerse ourselves deeply in your culture and structure. In this way, our work becomes part of your organizational development.

Admittedly, this is a challenge. How do you combine universal New Leadership principles and new leadership skills with very specific, strategic topics such as digitalization, AI or sustainability?

And how do you adapt this to your company? We master this through our community of trainers from different disciplines, who are integrated into the development process from the outset and “speak the same language”. This means we cover a diverse range of topics, but work together with the same spirit.

All of the trainers in our community have their own leadership experience, have all completed in-depth external coaching and/or trainer education and have also taken part in our internal train-the-trainer programs.

Contact us

Do you have questions about the AI for Managers Training? We look forward to talking to you! We will be happy to answer your questions about your goals, topics, requirements and conditions for your transformation – and of course about dates and costs. Please write to Verena using the contact form.

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