Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop

Start business transformation and develop the business model in 9 steps. Including Business Transformation Playbook (86 pages).

Develop your
Business Model

Kickstart guides you through your digital transformation in 9 steps. Quickly adapt to changing customer needs and further develop your business models

Business Transformation

Continue working with our Business Transformation Playbook and make business model development a core competence


Work co-creatively and analytically on your new business model and develop a business transformation roadmap with an action plan in 2 days


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What is Business Transformation?

Business transformation is a sustainable adaptation of the business model to changing environmental conditions and new goals and goes beyond individual change projects. The Business Transformation Workshop aims to harmonise all elements of a business model in order to develop new business capabilities step by step. The Business Transformation Workshop ensures that a company reacts holistically to changing macro-economic influencing factors, partnerships, competitors and, above all, to changing customer needs.

The Data Driven Leadership Training

Only 47% of managers are confident that they can derive sustainable benefits from their transformation. Many transformation attempts fail. A study by KPMG lists the five most important reasons for this: lack of understanding of the complexity of the business model, inability to innovate, lack of cultural embedding, lack of alignment of digital technologies with the business and, finally, poor implementation.

Our Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop solves precisely those problems that stand in the way of a successful transformation process. Interdisciplinary teams develop a common understanding of strategy, organisation and business model as well as external influencing factors – working both analytically and creatively.

They uncover obstacles and challenges caused by functional silos and solve them by developing and implementing new business capabilities in an interdisciplinary manner and thus further developing their business model holistically. The result is a detailed roadmap for practical implementation. Our consultancy accompanies you through the resulting change. We provide the necessary impetus, methodology and expertise, clarify roles and ensure a decisive change process.

A 2-day Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop is a catalyst against stagnation. It can set something in motion in a short space of time that has been stagnating for months.

The Kickstart Business Transformation Playbook

How do we start the transformation? This is the most common question from executives. Start with a kickstart. This intensive workshop brings their team together, explores changing customer needs, develops business model innovations and creates new opportunities for growth.

But more than that, we help design and implement new business capabilities and make transformation actionable. Our Kickstart Business Transformation Playbook (86 pages) gives you a step-by-step guide on how to iteratively evolve your business model on your own.

Content of the Business Transformation Workshop

Phase 1: Orientate

In the first phase of the workshop, you and your team develop a holistic picture of your current business model and your value proposition. You analyse the 4 external forces of influence of the environment on your company and which changes are necessary to maintain your value proposition.

Phase 2: Create

In the second phase of the workshop, you will get creative. Using various methods, we guide you to find, evaluate and develop new and necessary business capabilities in detail. A business capability is defined as something that your company must be able to do (and is not yet able to do) in order to be successful despite changing market conditions.

Phase 3: Implement

In the final phase of the workshop, the selected and validated business capabilities are worked out in detail. You specify actions, changes and responsibilities and define the measurable value that this capability should create for your customers and yourself (outcome). Finally, a roadmap for practical implementation is created, which is accompanied by regular reviews and retrospectives.

Download the detailed description of the workshop as a PDF document here:

This is included in the Workshop:

Experienced Experts

Our experts have many years of experience with change and transformation and have worked as managers in various companies. This expertise is now at your disposal.

Learning by doing

The workshop is a laboratory. You learn new things, apply them and reflect on what you have learned. Experience and reflection are an essential part of the training - we don't deliver a PowerPoint battle.

Learning Library

All participants have access to our extensive learning library with over 200 units, videos, templates and more resources, which can also be used in day-to-day leadership situations.


All participants work together intensively and form a community. Even after the training, you remain part of a leadership community and can actively develop your leadership skills.

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Make our Business Transformation Workshop to your In-house Event

Would you like to run this as an in-house workshop? Would you like to work on specific challenges in your team, department or company?

We tailor our formats to your needs or the needs of your managers and teams. To start with, we offer you a free co-creation (90 min). Let’s start with an initial meeting

Our Method

We don’t tell you how to change – we equip you with the necessary processes, tools and methods and accompany this co-creative process so that you can develop the necessary changes yourself. Our consultants and facilitators help with two core competences: Facilitating group processes and understanding holistic transformations

The basic idea of the Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop follows the approach “Teach me to do it myself.” In addition to developing your business model, you will build expertise in holistic, interdisciplinary and co-creative processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Transformation Workshop is a laboratory. In it, you will work together cross-functionally and examine the future of your business model. From these different perspectives, you will quickly identify new, necessary business capabilities for your company. The workshop thus provides a realizable way to further develop the business model in a targeted manner, but also to provide a framework for new products and services.

The Business Transformation Workshop offers the advantage of quick results and immediate implementation. Instead of management spending many weeks or months working on the new business model, a selected team can achieve a real breakthrough in two days with good planning and communication. Another advantage is that the Business Transformation Workshop can be applied to any topic. We also provide you with your own playbook for this purpose.

The Business Transformation Workshop differs from other further training courses for teams and organisations in that it not only provides further training, but also aims to achieve concrete, implementable results for your company. This format is not a seminar or one of the usual training programmes.

It is the start of a planned and analytical transformation process for your team, department, business unit or organisation. Participants are offered new perspectives and concrete tools to actively work on their own business model. This provides you with an actionable roadmap for the future.

We usually run the Business Transformation Workshop in person. The duration of 2 days is compact and very effective. If this is not possible – for example, because some employees are unable to attend due to distance – then we offer it as a hybrid event. Our Digital First approach makes this possible without difficulty.

All employees whose role can make an important contribution to the future business model should take part in the Business Transformation Workshop. This provides different insights and perspectives – resulting in faster and more sustainable strategies and solutions.

Each training or programme is developed to meet the specific requirements of your company. This starts with a co-creation, concept phase, iterative improvements and a roll-out. We don’t do anything “off the shelf”, but immerse ourselves deeply in your culture and structure. In this way, our work becomes part of your organisational development.

All of the trainers in our community have their own leadership experience, have all completed in-depth external coaching and/or trainer education and have also taken part in our internal train-the-trainer programs.

Contact us

Do you have questions about our Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop? We look forward to talking to you! We will be happy to answer your questions about your goals, topics, requirements and conditions for your transformation – and of course about dates and costs. Please write to Verena using the contact form.

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