Leadership Workshop

A leadership workshop is planned when you have a specific challenge. Are you looking for sustainable business models? Or innovative products and digital services? Perhaps you would like to bring all managers together to start the change together. Take the lead.

We provide the methods, coaching, take over the preparation, create the environment and accompany your change. You work effectively on your future and strengthen your leadership position. Our Future Design Workshops for managers are intensive but effective.

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Start your strategically sustainable organizational development with Impact Design.

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Business Navigation Workshop

Determine your location, define lines of development and navigate into the future

Dauer: 0.5-1 day
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Develop innovative services and offer an outstanding customer experience.

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Business Transformation Workshop

Start business transformation and develop the business model in 9 steps.

Dauer: 2 days
Classroom / Online
Future Thinking Workshop Header Image

Synthesize and sense-making of noticeable signals from the future.

Dauer: 2 days

Take the lead

Change needs leadership – good management is not enough. Recharge your leadership with courage and energy. Our Future Design workshops for managers and teams provide the framework for this:

Leave your operational projects and tasks behind for 1-2 days and take on a new perspective together – from the future to the present.

From this perspective, analyze the environment, challenges and influencing forces. Examine changes and how they will affect your company and your management tasks. Identify the most important topics for change. Take the lead!

Workshops strengthen teams

Workshop means intensive work, a great learning experience and above all: results! Instead of booking a seminar, training or consultation, go all out. It’s the HOW that counts.

We design a customized process and provide the methods for:






An experienced triangility coach guides you through the process, but leaves you maximum freedom. As a result, our workshops strengthen the self-management of teams and promote employee loyalty.

All participants in the workshop meet at eye level and work together on the result. This is team development without the high ropes course.

Steps of a leadership workshop

Every company is different. That’s why we don’t deliver off-the-shelf workshops. Although we have ready-made workshops for managers in the drawer, we adapt them precisely to your environment, your challenge and your topics.

Step 1

The first step is a co-creative process in which we explore the context. This serves not only us, but also you. Getting clarity about the problem and the goal is the first important step.

Step 2

In the second step, we design the workshop content and schedule, plan the duration, dates, materials and logistics (don’t forget lunch) and customize everything for in-house or online.

Step 3

When the big day arrives, we ensure a trouble-free environment and help the team to develop its full potential. Naturally, we provide digital documentation of all results. And when it comes to implementation, we will also support you.

What does a leadership workshop change?

Do you know this? You have regular meetings with your team and talk about change. But no decision is made. It is postponed to another meeting, but the same ritual is repeated.

Postponed decisions or recurring discussions make it clear that the matter is more complex than expected. There is a feeling of being in the dark. There is a lack of courage to make a decision.

As a result, stagnation sets in and a necessary change is prevented.

A well-designed, focused workshop can untie the knot. You become capable of acting. Energy returns. Now you and all affected employees become creators again. We want you to experience this “workshop miracle” too.


Leadership workshop topics

Many years of experience have gone into our workshops. Working with over 15,000 managers and hundreds of companies. This has resulted in tried and tested formats for dealing with the most pressing issues facing managers:

To date, we have worked with over 15,000 executives in more than 50 countries between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur. Hundreds of challenges solved. Each of our workshops is optimized and delivered to your specific requirements. And we take into account the cultural environment in your region or company.

Frequently asked Questions

Our shortest workshop lasts 4 hours, the longest 3 days. This depends on the task and the desired result. A breakthrough can be achieved in just a few hours. In the design phase, the duration is determined, but also whether a single workshop or several short workshops make sense.

Depending on the availability of the moderator, we work very quickly. We can complete co-creation, design and concept in 1-2 days. We are usually faster than our customers.

Our experience has shown that creative work starts with 4-6 people, diversity is more important. Beyond that there are no limits, we also develop large group formats with over 100 participants (e.g. Open Space).

Wherever a sufficiently large room with good moderation material is available. And preferably not in your “usual” working environment, but in an external room, co-working space or even on a houseboat.

Alternatively, we can offer you our triangility OpenSpace in Augsburg. It is superbly equipped with a digital whiteboard, pinboards, moderation material, movable furniture, a kitchen, etc. Our OpenSpace is perfect for workshops with up to 16 participants. We can also use other rooms in the Gaswerk for larger groups, even for up to 1,000 people.

"The greatest danger in turbulent times is not the turbulence, but acting with yesterday's logic."

Do you have a specific challenge and would like to talk to us about an individual management workshop?

Please write to us using the contact form. We look forward to getting to know you.

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