Impact Business Design Workshop

Start your strategically sustainable organizational development with Impact Design. Create impact with our methodological framework and in 3 phases.

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Transform your business model step by step for a sustainable and grandchildren-proof future.

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Use methods and tools tried and tested by experts in a structured process - don't waste any time.

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Restructure your company in a sustainable way and remain relevant and attractive for all stakeholders.


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What is Impact Business Design?

Impact Business Design is a systemic-integral process model for the sustainable development of companies. It integrates a methodological framework and experienced support and consists of 13 steps in 3 phases. It enables you to align yourself, your team and your organisation for a sustainable future. Impact Business Design was developed by Stephan Grabmeier and Dr Stephan Petzolt and published as a book. It is now also referred to as the new standard of organisational development for the 21st century.

The Impact Business Design Workshop

Sustainability is a strategic imperative that affects all companies – from SMEs to corporations, but also communities, associations and other organizations. The need to develop our economy and society in the direction of a regenerative – sustainable – economy arises from various drivers: changes to economic models (e.g. stakeholder economy), irreversible tipping points and planetary boundaries as well as new legal framework conditions (e.g. EU Green Deal).

The transformation from a linear to a regenerative economic model has a direct impact on the future actions of companies and organisations. This transformation requires a structured approach, the right thinking models, methods and tools. Equipped with these, you can derive new strategies, business models, initiatives and services and make your organisation fit for the future. The Impact Business Design Workshop is the starting point for your sustainable organisational development. Our sustainability workshop is a methodical process that you, your team and your organization can use to actively shape the transformation to a regenerative, grandchildren-proof future.

We are experts in transformation and have been supporting companies on the path to their future for many years. Many transformation processes start too late or stagnate because there is a lack of clarity about the first steps or because attempts are made to create the new using the means of the old. With Impact Business Design as part of our Future Design Workshops, we provide you with the impetus and tools to start this transformation now.

Impact Business Design Playbook

The guide to modelling sustainable organisations

Explore the new standard for strategically sustainable organisational development in the 21st century with its various tools. More and more companies are using the methodological framework to work on the future viability of their organisation. Become part of the Impact Leader Community yourself.

Content of the Impact Business Design Workshop

Phase 1: Transparency

In the transparency phase, you and your team prepare and work out the first three steps on your regenerative transformation:

  • Why and for what do we want to embark on this journey?
  • What do we want to develop and redesign?
  • How do we want to approach the journey?

Phase 2: Transcendence

In the second phase, the journey to a new level of attitude and behaviour begins. In this phase, many things will begin to falter, tensions will arise that will lead to new clarity. The transcendence phase will unleash creativity and potential:

  • Where do we stand?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Where do we come from – and where do we want to go?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What tensions do we recognise?
  • Realisation of the interventions

Phase 3: Immanence

Like yin and yang, transcendence and immanence are two sides of the same coin. They are opposites, but should always be understood as one. The third phase is about internalising the developments from phase 2 (transcendence) and integrating them harmoniously into the everyday life of the company:

  • Reflection and resonance
  • Redirecting restraining forces
  • What we have learnt
  • Celebrate successes

Download the detailed description of the training as a PDF document here:

This is included in the Training:

Experienced Experts

Our experts have many years of experience in designing and supporting transformation processes and have worked as managers in various companies.

Learning by doing

The workshop is a laboratory. You learn new things, apply them and reflect on what you have learnt. Experience and reflection are an essential part of the training - we don't deliver a PowerPoint battle.

Learning Library

All participants have access to the Impact Business Design Playbook and an extensive learning library with over 200 units, videos, templates and more.


All participants work together intensively and form a community. Even after the training, you remain part of a leadership community and can actively develop your sustainability leadership skills.

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Make Impact Business Design your in-house event

Would you like to start your regenerative transformation with an in-house workshop? Would you like to work on specific case studies or challenges in and outside of your company?

We tailor our formats to your needs or the needs of your managers and teams. To start with, we offer you a free co-creation (90 min). Let’s start with an initial meeting

Our Method

The Impact Business Design Workshop is based on 3 integrated elements: Moderation by experts, self-organized work in groups and on-the-job learning. In 3 phases, our experienced trainers provide helpful insights and skills relating to impact business, which are further developed in self-organized learning groups.

The active implementation of the results in everyday work is crucial in order to not only deepen new knowledge, but also to achieve visible success for your organisation (immanence). To make this possible, we provide members of your innovation team with a wide range of exercises and tools and anchor a co-creative way of working.

In addition, we customise this workshop precisely to your company. In a protected space and under our moderation, participants act like in-house consultants: they establish impact business design expertise.

Customers of the Impact Design Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

An Impact Business Design Workshop is a structured process to co-creatively enable the transformation to a regenerative economy. One advantage for managers is the input from different perspectives – including customers and users – and thus a higher chance of success for the new business model. In addition, a structured and well-moderated process increases the speed of innovation. Possible solutions to problems are found more quickly through co-creation and can be tested immediately. These iterative steps ensure prompt experience and faster results.

In an impact business design workshop, various methods and tools are used in three phases. You may be familiar with some of the methods and tools from lean management, design thinking, business model design, circular economy or other frameworks. We have developed and optimised the process behind them.

Managers can increase their future viability and innovative strength by establishing a new way of thinking: Solutions to intrinsic, complex problems are no longer found in one department, but through the co-creative collaboration of people from a wide range of disciplines within and outside the company. This form of co-creative collaboration is forward-looking, but requires an open culture. Managers who take part in an Impact Business Design workshop experience the power of this culture and receive tools to firmly anchor this capacity for regenerative innovation within the organisation.

Collaboration and exchange between all participants plays a crucial role in an Impact Business Design Workshop. All of the selected methods, tools and templates ultimately serve to enable collaboration without disruption and in a protected environment. As it is not a training course but a workshop, all participants are very actively involved in the process.

Impact Business Design workshops are not focussed on a specific industry, but can be extremely effective in all industries. All companies are experiencing changing framework conditions and the transition to a regenerative, sustainable and sustainable economy.

All people who have a special perspective on the topic should take part in an Impact Business Design Workshop. In other words, individuals from different departments instead of several people from the same department. Meaningful diversity is crucial, including external stakeholders. Completely new ideas are born from this diversity.

It is not crucial, or even a hindrance, to consider the hierarchical status of individuals. In our workshops, we create an atmosphere of dialogue “at eye level” that integrates all diverse perspectives.

Each workshop is developed to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. The Impact Business Design workshop begins with the question of why and what for and is completely geared towards your industry or organisation. We don’t do anything “off the peg”, but dive deep into your culture and structure. In this way, our work becomes part of your organisational development.

All of the trainers in our community have their own leadership experience, have all completed in-depth external coaching and/or trainer education and have also taken part in our internal train-the-trainer programs.

Contact us

Do you have questions about Impact Business Design Workshop? We look forward to talking to you! We will be happy to answer your questions about your goals, topics, requirements and conditions for your transformation – and of course about dates and costs. Please write to Verena using the contact form.

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