Business Navigation

Determine your location, define lines of development and navigate into the future

Team Workshop

Come together as a team and start developing your desirable future together

Organization Development

Every organizational development begins with determining your current position

Integral Map

With the integral map and its 4 quadrants, you define your lines of development into the future

What is a Business Navigation Workshop?

A business navigation workshop brings together all employees involved, analyzes the status quo and identifies necessary steps towards a desirable future. During the assessment, you work with the Integral Map, which structures your organizational development and considers all four dimensions (individual, collective, visible, invisible) simultaneously.

The Business Navigation Workshop for your team

Workshop Description

Many leaders are familiar with this situation: something has to change – but what? Organizations are complex social systems that are connected to other complex systems. You cannot do justice to this complexity with simple or actionist solutions.

With this intense workshop, we offer you a new approach. With an integral model, you can look at the visible and non-visible parts of the organization simultaneously – exploring structures, behaviour and competencies as well as values, thought patterns and culture. Together with you, we draw up a map of the organization and find out where the organization currently stands. But also which lines of development point to the future.

This results in concrete fields of action (new competencies, changed micro/macro structures, new narratives, modern leadership behavior, etc.) – but for all initiatives, your team also knows why they are important – and how they depend on each other. You can immediately start implementing individual initiatives without losing sight of the others – and the feedback between them.

It also makes clear which principles, skills and tools managers need in order to successfully master the path to the future.

Take Aways

Gain clarity on the new capabilities you need to build as an organization, team or individual.

Take an integral view of your organization and keep track of the complexity.

Identify necessary lines of development with concrete initiatives that can be implemented immediately.

Create clarity on principles, competencies and tools for your leaders to shape the future.

What comes with it?

Experienced Facilitators

We provide you with experienced consultants and organizational developers who moderate this assessment and make the team workshop a success

Integral Map

You take this artifact with you, a map with your current location, but also the lines of development into the future


Before the workshop, you carry out an assessment with your team to determine the current location based on data

Our organization development is integral and dialogical. This means that we do not diagnose and deliver ready-made solutions. We involve affected teams in this process and develop possible solutions iteratively, holistically and dialogically.

This requires a level playing field and the willingness to question the status quo. With triangility’s experienced facilitators, you can achieve tailor-made results in a short space of time.

Modules of the business navigation workshop:


In a short assessment, we collect data on the status quo and prepare it for the workshop.

Step 1 - Examine the environment

After getting to know each other, we begin to examine the factors influencing your team or organization. The megatrends (and PESTLE) help us to do this. We also look at what impact these influencing factors have on employees, customers, partners, the environment and society and what capabilities you need to build as an organization – “What do we need to be able to do in the future that we can’t do today?”

Step 2 - Determine your location

Now we introduce you to the integral map, transfer the capabilities from step 1 and identify the lines of development that will take the company into the future. We simultaneously consider all 4 quadrants (internal, external, individual, collective) and provide you and your team with a complete picture.

Step 3 - Start the journey

The final step is to define the first steps: Which measures can you implement directly (change structures, build competencies, develop narratives, etc.)? How do the measures depend on each other or interact with each other?

Incidentally, with these results we are also able to create a tailor-made training program for your leadership development.

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