The 17 New Leadership Principles for Managers

What is New Leadership?

New Leadership is a team-oriented leadership approach. The needs of employees play a central role here. New Leadership encourages cooperation, participation and personal responsibility among employees.

Another interesting aspect is the development of the leader: he or she is transformed from the sole boss to a supportive leader, mentor and coach.

Managers who act according to the New Leadership principles do not make decisions over their employees alone – they motivate, support, provide orientation and create a breeding ground for change.

There are various leadership concepts associated with New Leadership:

Why are the New Leadership Principles essential for the future of leadership?

Digitalization, automation, new work: managers today face completely different challenges than they did just a few years ago. Order, stability and control, the previous core values of leadership, are being replaced. To master this, new skills are important.

The problem: around 70% of managers do not know how to develop these skills effectively. This is where we come in: together with Karlshochschule International University, we have analyzed various leadership models and worked out their basic principles.

All models had to meet three criteria:

  • They are supported by data and scientific literature

  • They put people at the center

  • They are already being used and there is sufficient feedback accordingly

Karlshochschule International University

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What does New Work have to do with the New Leadership Principles?

The world of work has changed. Employees today value completely different things than they did a few years ago (left):

If the demands of employees change, management must also change. And this not only brings challenges, but also great opportunities: employees are evolving from mere “recipients of orders” to committed team members who want to get involved and make a difference.

Conversely, your employees also want to be seen as the individuals they are. They want to be involved and allowed to take responsibility. This is a task that managers must face up to.

What are the core elements of the Future Leadership Principles?

Mental Model

Leaders embrace cognitive dissonance through an ‘as-well-as logic’ (integrative thinking)

Rather than

Leaders evaluate and process information through an ‘either-or-logic’ (analytical thinking)
All principles

Behavioral Model

Honest, open and truthful authenticity

Rather than

Diplomatic, calculative and tactic authenticity
All principles


Dare to be yourself

Rather than

Live up to the expected leadership role
All principles


Be mindful of how your inner world affects the business

Rather than

Pay attention to how the external world affects the business
All principles

Decision making

Leaders design cultures and systems for decision-making

Rather than

Leaders are decision-makers
All principles


Meaningful and human(e) relationships beyond organisational roles

Rather than

Functional relationships based on organisational roles
All principles


Diversity drives sustainable solutions

Rather than

Uniformity drives fast solutions
All principles

People Development

Emergent learning opportunities based on individual potentials (resourceful human approach)

Rather than

Pre-given career paths and structured development plans (human resources approach)
All principles


Foster inspiration by allowing people to do what they love doing

Rather than

Foster mastery by finding out what people are good at
All principles


Organizations are complex, value-driven social organisms

Rather than

Organizations are complicated, performance-driven machines
Alle Prinzipien


Partial creative destruction is essential for the survival of the whole

Rather than

Process orientation and predictability stabilise success
All principles


Lead through purpose, networks, and agility

Rather than

Lead through strategy, hierarchy, and plans
All principles


Value is created whenever and wherever people are empowered and inspired

Rather than

Value creation is taking place at the office
All principles


Evaluate business performance on social and ecological value contribution

Rather than

Measure success based on profit and loss
All principles


Embed intrapreneurship into the organizational culture

Rather than

Make a department responsible for idea generation
All principles


Technology has to serve the people (humans-first)

Rather than

People have to adapt to technology (technology-first)
All principles


Holistic stakeholder inclusion is vital for creating positive impact inside and outside the organisation

Rather than

Relevance of stakeholders is defined by their positive influence on profit and economic value
All principles

Download the New Leadership Principles as PDF

New Leadership Principles Header Image

How can the leadership principles be established?

Changing processes in companies sustainably is a major task. The question quickly arises: where to start? In most cases, it makes sense to look for an expert as a consultant. Not only do they have the necessary specialist knowledge, they also have a neutral view of your company.

  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the goals?
  • Where does your company currently stand?
  • What are the individual and company-specific needs?
  • What should the timeline look like
  • What are the initial measures?
  • Are there pilot teams?
  • Workshops and training courses on all key areas for employees and managers
  • Regular meetings
  • Check-ups on successes and difficulties
  • Adaptation of measures
  • Expanding the activities to other areas of the company

Make New Leadership your new leadership culture

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