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Discover our 18 hybrid leadership hacks to perfectly master managing virtually and remotely and quickly learn the necessary skills and methods

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Enable the Hybrid Work model for all employees, integrate processes, resources and technology and design an environment that is focused on people


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What is hybrid leadership?

A hybrid working environment or hybrid workplace means that two forms of work co-exist: work in the office (presence) as well as mobile, remote work in the home office or at other locations (virtual). Hybrid leadership means integrating both forms of work in such a way that spatial and technical boundaries dissolve and relationships and collaboration between employees are maintained. Hybrid leadership requires a ‘digital first’ approach and new competencies on the part of managers.

The hybrid leadership training

Training description

Since the Covid 19 pandemic at the latest, virtual working has become the norm for many people. Companies have built and deployed new infrastructures at record speed. The majority of executives are convinced that in the future employees will have the choice between regular office and home office, between presence and virtual – hybrid work is here to stay.

But how can executives successfully manage in a hybrid work environment? Technology alone will not be the answer. Instead, managers will be guided by new management principles to focus even more on people. Only with this people-centric approach can they make sense of new technologies.

Equipped with new competencies, managers will integrate leadership at a distance, virtual, mobile and in the office in ways that strengthen relationships and team well-being, but also develop ideas, make decisions, and enable productive collaboration.

This hybrid leadership training will help navigate the complexity of digital platforms and technologies and align them with people. Learn how to foster meaning, a sense of belonging, motivation, well-being and health, creativity, productivity and collaboration in a future hybrid workplace.

Learning objectives

You will understand the requirements of leadership at a distance, virtual leadership in combination with presence and learn the principles necessary for this.

You will learn 18 Hybrid Leadership Hacks (Examples on Youtube) and redesign your everyday leadership. These hacks integrate people, processes, resources and technologies and give pragmatic, actionable impulses that you can apply immediately.

You’ll try out our WIRKSAM formula to avoid “zoom fatigue” despite hybrid or virtual meetings and keep everyone’s energy and engagement engaged.

You will also learn about the importance of micro-structures for leadership and how you can use them to find goals, plan, decide and collaborate optimally.

Finally, you will concretely plan your next meeting, workshop or event using the methods from the seminar.

What comes with it?


Our trainers and consultants bring many years of leadership experience themselves. They have worked with executives from a wide range of mid-sized and large companies in over 50 countries - on-site, virtually and hybrid

Intensive Learning Experience

We combine content (knowledge, data, hacks, methods, etc.) with hands-on exercises, demanding challenges to create an outstanding learning experience that will change the way you lead sustainably


In the training, you will plan upcoming meetings, workshops or events using our hacks and the WIRKSAM formula so that you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice.

This leadership training integrates 3 different elements: Guided training sessions, organised learning in groups and practical application

In the seminar, our experienced coaches and trainers provide insights and know-how around hybrid leadership. Participants will also solve self-organised challenges on their own responsibility and will be supported by our coaches. In parallel, a method case is created so that participants can integrate their knowledge and apply it in their daily work.

Our Learning Experience Design Team focuses on delivering outstanding learning experiences. We believe that cognitive understanding is not enough to create lasting change. Personal and emotional experiences, reflections and feedback are important to deeply embed the new and also create a desire to change.

Training modules

Experiences & scenarios of hybrid leadership
After a brief warm-up, we will clarify together the purpose (why), desired outcomes (what), and logistics (how) of the workshop.

We start with an inventory of positive and negative experiences, insights, thoughts and emotions around hybrid leadership. We will then go to the unconscious level of values, beliefs and assumptions – and how these might conflict with hybrid leadership.

Then we’ll think about specific challenges and questions around leading at a distance, leading in the home office, and hybrid environments, and summarize them in scenarios.

Challenge: Apply the Reflection Map to Attitudes & Behaviors and your experiences with hybrid leadership and derive 3-5 scenarios from them
The 18 hacks for hybrid leadership

Effective leadership in hybrid work environments integrates processes, resources and technologies and aligns them with people. Leaders need to transform their leadership role and become ‘facilitators of collaboration’ across spatial and technical boundaries. To make this easier for you, we’ve developed 18 hacks for hybrid leadership. You will now learn about and apply these.

After a look at various virtual tools that make hybrid work easier, more fun, and more engaging, we’ll dive into the Hybrid Leadership Hacks. We’ll explore how you can apply them in different scenarios.

Everything is always easier(er) in training than in daily practice. Therefore, you will develop strategies on how they will use the hacks in everyday life. What impact do you hope to have, and what resistance might you encounter? You develop concrete plans to introduce the hacks in your specific daily leadership routine and in small steps.

Challenge: Apply our RCA process to each scenario. Find out what you need to change in your leadership behaviors and daily management to enable a successful transformation toward hybrid leadership.

Encourage hybrid collaboration
Finally, we will introduce you to our WIRKSAM formula. You will apply it to concretely prepare for upcoming hybrid meetings, workshops or events.

WIRKSAM is a tool that integrates all the elements and hacks you’ve learned so far and helps you improve virtual collaboration, interaction, creativity and productivity. Last, you will learn about the increasing importance of storytelling in hybrid work environments, learn how to use it and develop your story.

With the Hybrid Leadership leadership training, you will increase your effectiveness as a leader and become a facilitator of hybrid collaboration. You will take away a set of tools and methods that you can apply immediately and share with your colleagues.

Challenge: Apply the WIRKSAM formula to plan upcoming meetings, workshops or events.

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