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young leaders development

Develop your leadership talents into future leaders

Talent Management
for Young Leaders

Attract and retain leadership talent by providing a transformative path to personal and professional development

Future Leadership

Equip junior managers with the leadership skills that will make your company successful in the future

Development 2.0

Educate young talent, integrate established and new leadership approaches, and create a new leadership culture from the "bottom up"

What is the Young Leaders Development Program?

The Young Leaders Development Program is an opportunity for you to equip first-time managers with the tools they need to thrive in their new leadership role. Besides focussing on the personal and professional growth of the junior leaders, the training also teaches them innovative approaches for developing other people and businesses.

The Training for Young Leaders

Course Description

In the midst of the great resignation and the war for talent, many organizations struggle to attract and retain next generation leaders. The triangility Leadership Talent Program is designed to strike the balance between ‘what’ young leaders need to know to thrive in their new roles, and ‘how’ they can learn that in the most effective way.

We equip the next generation of leaders with the skills, tools, and mindset to succeed in today’s complex, uncertain and rapidly changing (business) world. This training provides an opportunity for future leaders to grow both personally and professionally. That will allow your organization to foster talent retention and unleash and harness the full potential of young people.

The program covers core leadership competencies such as self-awareness, communication, team development, and culture change. And it also addresses challenges and opportunities arising from current mega-trends, industry developments, changing customer needs. In doing so, we equip young people with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead themselves, others and business in today’s VUCA world.

Through interactive live workshops, peer-to-peer learning, and on-demand coaching, your talents will learn the latest principles and competences of Leadership. They’ll learn from our experienced mentors and build a network of peers within the organization to drive sustainable transformation of the organization together.

Learning Goals

Talents will learn the core leadership duties of traditional and New Leadership

Talents will discover practical methods and tools for developing themselves – personally and professionally

Talents will learn how they can form and lead teams to foster greater autonomy and high-performance

Talents will understand their role in developing strategy, changing business models and becoming a driving force in culture change

what comes with it?

Best-in-Class Facilitation

Our coaches and facilitators have worked with clients such as BMW, Cisco, DHL, Michelin, Voith or X-FAB and many others, supporting teams (5-100+) in more than 50 countries to adopt the principles, competencies and practices of New Leadership

Coaching on Demand

Our experienced trainers are available for individual support throughout the entire learning journey to ensure that your talents can effectively transfer their learnings into their everyday work context

Leadership Serious Play

This training is designed as a playful, collaborative and insight-provoking learning experience that allows for sustainable mindset and behaviour change

The New Leadership Learning Journey consist of 3 integrated elements: Classroom, social learning and on-the-job learning.

In 10 training modules of 3-4 hours each, our experienced coaches and facilitators introduce your talents to the principles, competences and practices of New Leadership. These will be further developed and deepened through carefully curated content, templates, and tools in self-organised and self-paced learning groups. Through coaching on demand, as well as buddy systems, we ensure practical application of the learnings to achieve real results in your organisation.

Module der Learning Journey


Fill out our signature Leadership Identity Questionnaire before the beginning of the learning journey. You will gain first insights around the beliefs and experiences that have shaped how you view and behave in a leadership role.

Module 1: New & Next - Changing business context

Understand the way in which business is changing internally (culture / leadership), but primarily externally:

  • Explore the concept of VUCA and reflect on how it impacts your personal and professional life (CYNEFIN Framework)
  • Identify current global and industry trends that affect your customers’ behaviour and business operations (Megatrend Map & Value Pyramid)
  • Define the required mind- and skillset for leading in complex and uncertain times (New Leadership Principles)
Module 2: Self-Reflection

Change starts inside-out as talents grow their self-awareness and their response-ability as (future) leaders:

  • Gain clarity on what leadership means for you and why you do (not) want to be a leader, based on your positive/negative experiences, assumptions, values, and beliefs (Reflection Map)
  • Reflect the unconscious parts of your personality and how they shape your leadership identity (Iceberg Model; Deconstructing Realities Process)
  • Gain insights into neuroscience to learn how to reprogram your mind and step into the full potential of your (leadership) identity 
Module 3: Self-Development

Learn how to drive your personal and professional development at work and in life:

  • Identify your personality type and related strengths (DISC; Strengths Finder) 
  • Map out areas for personal / professional growth (4 Talent Quadrants)
  • Become aware of the ways in which you unconsciously sabotage yourself (Saboteur Test)
  • Practice shifting your behavioural blueprint from unconscious reaction to conscious response (S.O.U.L. Process)
Module 4: Lead with communication

Explore how to effectively talk through tension using conscious communication:

  • Refresh the fundamentals of good communication, i.e. building rapport, active listening, asking deeper and broader questions
  • Become aware of your perception and how you give meaning to people, words, and actions (4 Ears Model & Tattoo Girl Exercise)
  • Identify your brain filters and how they impact the way you share and receive information (Role Play)
  • Understand the nature of conflict (competing needs) and how to talk through tension (Non-violent Communication Process; I-Messages vs. You-Messages)
  • Constructively receive and give feedback (3-2-1 GO)
Module 5: Take lateral leadership

Learn to lead and have impact without a formal leadership role/position: 

  • Become aware of who and what you can (not) control (Circle of Influence)
  • Identify the relevant tasks, interests, pains and gains of stakeholder (Persona Profiles)
  • Explore how you can become an influencer in your organisation
  • Brainstorm what you can do immediately to take on more leadership (15% Solutions)
Module 6: Build High-Performance Teams

Understand the key features of high performance teams and how to build them:

  • Learn about the difference between groups & teams, as well as what helps teams survive or thrive (5 Dysfunctions of a Team Model)
  • Explore the strengths of different team members and match them to specific tasks (SKATE-Model)
  • Recognise how your beliefs about others shape their behaviour and performance (Theory X & Y)
  • Foster performance by providing autonomy and psychological safety (Trust vs. Performance Model)
Module 7: Develop High-Performance Teams

Become a transformational leader who helps teams to help themselves:

  • Understand the nature of performance and how to unleash it by fostering motivation, individual strengths, and psychological safety
  • Learn to lead groups with structures & process, rather than with your own expertise & experience (3 Leadership Lenses)
  • Build your dialogic competences to deepen the connection to and between your team members (The Dialogic Process; 4 Players Model)
  • Gain coaching skills and practice to GROW your team (GROW Model)
Module 8: Collaboration & Co-Creation

Learn how to unleash the potential of all without making decisions, but facilitate collaboration: 

  • Get to know the basics of effective facilitation and identify key characteristics of a good facilitator (SKATE Competence Model)
  • Brainstorm what makes a great workshop/meeting
  • Learn how to foster self-organization and autonomy in teams (Liberating Structures), focus on process & structures
  • Get to know hybrid leadership hacks to make the most out of remote and virtual collaboration
Module 9: Tell stories & have impact

Develop a new way to convey a message and have impact:

  • Understand the three dimensions of successful presentation (3 Cornerstones of Storytelling)
  • Design messages and stories that people remember by effectively combining information and emotion (5 Beats Storytelling Framework & Pitch Perfect)
  • Practice raising your presence and authenticity as a presenter by understanding the significance of voice, body language, and vulnerability 
Module 10: Lead (cultural) transformation

Understand the cycle of transformation and your role in individual and organisation transformation:

  • Explore the visible and invisible part of your organisation, i.e. artefacts, values / beliefs, assumptions (3 Layers of Culture)
  • Develop an ideal future vision: How should leadership look and feel like in your company in 3-5 years?(Future Group)
  • Bring your visionary ideas into a structured and inspirational story that you can share across your organisation (Impact Map)

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