Data Driven Leadership

A Learning Journey for Leaders in the Data Driven Economy

Digital Mindset

Gain data literacy and strengthen your personal competences in digital technologies, data & analytics to realize the full potential for your business

Data-Driven Business

Learn innovative management methods and tasks to develop and establish data-driven business models in your organization

New Leadership

Learn the core principles and practices of new leadership in the context of Data & Analytics - foster a creative, innovative and interdisciplinary culture


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Why this Learning Journey?


Data driven services, business models and strategies are disrupting traditional businesses and capturing market share. Leaders today require deep understanding of data and how to incorporate it effectively into decision making. But it is not just about data. You also need to effectively integrate new approaches to strategic, cultural, and human capital. A recent MIT Sloan study (2019) found that only 9% agree their organization already has leaders with the skills to thrive in the digital economy, and only 12% agree that their leaders have the appropriate mindset for leading.

Technology savvy is not enough: leaders must also build communities of trust, diversity and incorporate the right leadership mindset to achieve their goals. Our ‘Data Driven Leadership’ Learning Journey connects two core domains: Data, Analytics, Algorithms and the required Leadership Principles to applying data-thinking into daily leadership practices. Data-Driven Leaders learn how to create a data driven culture to achieve business impact by making better decisions. The teams learns to connect using objective facts over opinions, group think and biases.

take aways

You will understand the relevance of data for the business, and how it fundamentally changes the way you think, decide and lead in the future. During the program you will gain and validate specific insights Data & Analytics can bring to your organization and establish the needed mindset, skills and practices to make it work.

Your team will also gain literacy in the key concepts of Data, Analytics, Algorithms, AI, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

What comes with it?

Seasoned experts

Our trainers have many years of experience with digital technologies, data, analytics, AI, have worked as executives in technology companies and now make their expertise available to you.

Sustainable learning

We combine classroom (online) training, self-organized social learning and on-the-job learning to design a sustainable learning process that you can easily integrate into your daily management routine.

Quick results

We can design a Learning Journey as an internal company project, with participants acting as internal consultants, researching, evaluating and gathering insights on relevant issues for the company.

Detailed Course Description & Flow

In this brief session, your leaders are getting connected and familiar with purpose, goals, logistics and are defining the ground-rules for the journey.

We start our journey getting clear where your organization and people are implementing a data strategy:

  • What is your current business strategy? Do you have an aligned data strategy?
  • What your current business unique value proposition and vision? Do you have the same for data?
  • What competitive forces, regulations, governance issues or threats should guide your strategy?
  • What could kill your business in the near future? How would you prevent it?
  • How are you using data in day to day business already?
  • What is your team's current data and digitalization literacy?
  • Sense of Urgency: How are the best businesses in the world using data?
  • Data as the new currency - how data will soon impact just about everything in your business.
  • How is your industry already using data for customer retention, customer attraction, quality, product design?

Now that we have started strategizing about data, we need shared understanding of the major concepts

  • Demystifying the Terms: We create a common business relevant understanding of the "Big Ideas" and what they mean for business.
  • Learning our "ABC's" How will AI, Big Data, and Cloud impact our business.
  • We will also create a shared understanding of topics like Data Science, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Analytics, Machine Learning, and more.
  • Methods and frameworks where businesses leverage data: Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, Design Sprints, Agile
  • Given data's potential and our new shared understanding of the major data trends impacting our business, what challenges do we face?
  • How ready are organizations and leader for data driven business? What short falls need shoring up?

We have identified some major opportunities and challenges

  • How must leadership change in a world driven by data? What must we remove, add or change?
  • What new competencies must leaders drive in their teams and organizations?
  • What new practices must leaders employ and lead
  • How can we shift from "Fixed" to "Growth" mindsets?
  • What are fundamental new problems for 21st century businesses? Information overload and the need for Sense Making
  • How complexity is not the same thing as complicated and how to address it.
  • Developing adaptability and agility as core strengths (being able to change and shift directions)
  • Cultural Transformation - creating a culture of openness, transparency, and embracing failure

  • Why our minds are not wired for data.
  • Managing human biases and mind traps
  • What thinking skills must we develop and reinforce to work with data?
  • How can we all think a little like a "Data Scientist" - how to use hypothesis, testability, falsification, provisional thinking in everyday work life
  • The art of Provisional Thinking - how to listen to the data and not read your own biases into the data
  • Problem Framing: How to solve the "right problems“
  • Identifying your hidden assumptions and presumptions
  • Becoming a Data Explorer - engaging data for undiscovered insights
  • Digging deeper into our existing frames of problems
  • Exploring outside the frames of our problems

Now that we have identified some opportunities and challenges, in what areas do we need more shared understanding? We will explore more topics where data driven leadership needs business understanding:

  • Progression of Analytics: From Descriptive to Diagnostic, to Predictive to Prescriptive
  • CRISP model (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining)
  • Machine Learning: Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement, Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence: How can you leverage it today and in the future
  • Getting the Most out of Data: • How do we know if our data is "good or bad"? • What data sources should we invest in? How do we manage our "Data Investments?"
  • Should we "Diversify our Data?" •Developing data quality and relevance

Refining your vision & strategy around data:

  • Using Lean User Experience and Value Proposition Canvases to map potential value, risks, and efforts leveraging data
  • Create technical & organizational framework to establish effective data architecture/infrastructure, processes and roles
  • Finding the low hanging fruit - What tasks could you offload in the reasonable future? What tasks will still be best dealt by people in future years?
  • Creating Data Driven Organizational Structures
  • Leveraging and balancing the four digital mindsets: the visionary, explorer, producer and connector
  • Creating the right mix of technical (data scientists/analysts) and business (use case owners/business analysts) and organizational structures to succeed
  • How to develop the resources your have before hiring
  • Developing Data Organizational Processes - from Use Case toImplementation

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