Your Challenge

Do you feel the pressure to transform your company? To make it ready for a digital future? But where to start?

With a digital strategy?

How does one develop a digital strategy, and how does it differentiate from former processes of strategy development? What’s the value of strategy in a dynamically changing environment? Must we think differently about strategy: in short terms, more agile - or should we rather focus on a digital business model?

New structure?

Our companies are designed hierarchically, we have built dedicated reporting lines and silos, people work in processes and along clear rules. But they can’t collaborate interdisciplinary anymore. We’re not longer innovative. The hierarchy stops us from working in an agile, creative fashion. How do we change that - must we try out new organization design? How do we test and learn?

New leadership?

Do we have the right leaders for the digital age? How should our leaders lead without knowing the path? How do they cope with the complexity and not-knowing? Our leaders are overwhelmed with new technology, data-based business models, disruptive innovation and agile methods. How to we avoid using old tools for new problems? How do we support them building a new leadership mindset?


Or Culture?

We believe on quality, processes, metrics. „If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.“ We don’t invest without knowing the ROI. That’s how we’re conditioned - and now we should engage in experiments with uncertain outcome? In agile working? Should try out new organization design, should focus rather on relationships and ideas than on job profiles and expertise? Should we form a new collaborative culture? Remove silos and unleash creativity?

…Or just with new technology?

We do have an IT department, but they don’t really feel responsible for digitalization - and are overworked anyway. Do we need a CDO? And is digitalization even a task for IT specialists, as they don’t know our business well enough? On the other hand, our business managers know little about data, application and IT infrastructure. How do we learn what technology we need in which process? How do we build a roadmap?

Transformation is not just digital!

For successful digital transformation it’s not enough just to add more technology, make a factory ‚smart‘ or create an app. Digital business transformation must create value, it’s a complex venture and requires a holistic approach. Every change in one area impacts the others: digitalization delivers more data, changes processes radically, develops the business model further. Work must be organized differently. It needs an innovation culture. New leadership must make this happen. Everything at the same time. Where do we start?