Strategic Technology selling

Explore your customer and become a strategic partner for the digital future

Sell technology strategically

Expand your influence by selling to Business & Technology (IT & OT) stakeholders simultaneously. Increase existing and discover new sales opportunities.

Become a
Trusted Advisor

Make yourself indispensable by becoming an expert in the client's business and developing innovative solutions. You become a strategic partner at eye level.

Building a
sustainable pipeline

Strategic selling increases sales opportunities and delivers bigger projects, but also provides you with sustainable new opportunities. You become part of your client's value creation, not just a supplier.

What is Strategic Technology Selling?

Technology is increasingly becoming a strategic building block for digitalisation in companies. Strategic selling means that salespeople familiarise themselves with the customer’s strategy and become a partner. They no longer sell a technical solution, but new business capabilities – in other words, the basis for the new, digital business model. Strategic selling builds long-term, sustainable relationships with various stakeholders of the customer.

The Strategic Technology Selling training

Training description

Budgets for IT & OT are shifting more and more from the business departments to the management and operational units of companies. Technology salespeople are challenged to have more and more of the conversation about strategic business issues. This course is for strategic account managers and any salesperson who suspects and wants to tap more sales potential outside the IT & OT department.

To better solve customer problems, you first need a deeper understanding of the customer’s business. How does the business create value? Who is the customer’s customer? How are strategy, operations and technology linked?

Participants quickly learn simple methods to analyse the business, deepen sales conversations and focus more on new opportunities beyond technology. They learn practical, proven ways to understand the customer’s business model and value chain, develop new approaches to the conversation and make the technology solution strategic.

Learning objectives

You will learn how to link your offer to the strategic initiatives and value drivers of your customer. You will understand the strategic factors influencing the customer and how to use them for your sales.

In the workshop, you will work on a specific client and develop a strategic account plan. In this way, all the tools taught are immediately applied and anchored.

You will uncover new, previously unknown sales opportunities and expand your sales pipeline.

What comes with it?

Experts from
business & sales

Our facilitators have extensive global experience in business, sales and technology in the Tech Industry. We have conducted workshops in more than 50 countries and are constantly adapting new methods, tools and techniques to integrate people and develop business models.

Business methods,
not sales techniques

Salespeople today need a deep understanding of their clients' business and how effective innovation happens. Customers don't want salespeople, they want strategic partners with new insights, knowledge and ideas. We show you how to deliver them.

New sales

In 89% of our workshops, salespeople discover new, previously undiscovered opportunities with existing customers, increase their pipeline and learn how to grow it sustainably.

You will learn universal and proven strategic tools of business analysis and use them skilfully in sales. You will work on specific customers, develop strategic solutions, uncover real new sales opportunities and transfer them into your sales process.

Training modules

Analyse customers:

Understand the interdependency of strategy, operations and technology
Identify your customer’s business model, value proposition and value chain
Analyse the most important external influencing forces
Understand how companies value investments in technology

Uncover new sales opportunities

Find new opportunities in your customer’s value proposition
Discover missing business capabilities of your customer and turn them into sales opportunities
Create an ‘opportunity map’ and create a long term pipeline

Identify new business stakeholders

Uncover stakeholder influence, risk and motivation
Quantify your opportunity individually for each stakeholder

Develop compelling messages

Learn the ingredients for powerful, persuasive messages
Bring your message to life with storytelling
Link stakeholders & buyer types to the right story

Closing & agreement

Take the lead and plan activities & responsibilities
Integrate concrete steps into the sales process

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