Kickstart Business Transformation

A step-by-step process for catalysing business model (r)evolution

Business Solutions

Our tried-and-tested 9 Step Kickstart Process helps you to quickly identify new opportunities how to adapt your business model to effectively meet new mega trends and changing customer needs


Develop a bespoke business transformation roadmap with goals, roles, responsibilities, action steps, and success indicators in just 2 days

Organisational Transformation

Explore carefully curated frameworks, creative methods, and practical tools to design new business capabilities that make your organisation fit for the future

What is Kickstart Business Transformation?

Business transformation refers to the sustainable adaptation of a business model to changing environmental conditions. It goes beyond individual change initiatives as it focuses on developing all elements of the business model in a coordinated and integrated manner.

The Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop ensures that a company responds holistically to changing macro-economic developments, new competitors on the market and, above all, to shifting customer needs.

The hybrid leadership training

Training description

Did you know that only 47% of executives are confident that their change initiatives will result in actual organisational trans-formation? Since many business transformations fail, KPMG conducted a study to identify the top five reasons for that to happen. These include little understanding of the complexity of one’s business model and environment, the inability to come up with innovative business solutions by thinking and acting in radically new ways, a lack of consideration of national and organisational culture when it comes to embedding change, insufficient alignment and integration when it comes to new technologies and existing organisational routines, and finally,
no change management plan or poor implementation.

Our Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop solves the very problems that stand in the way of successful organisational (r)evolution. In interdisciplinary teams we will create a shared understanding of your organisation, business model, as well as external influencing factors. By working both analytically and creatively, we will uncover obstacles and opportunities in regards to what and how you have to change as a business. On this basis we decide which new business capabilities you have to develop to thrive in the future and design a detailed roadmap for their implementation.

Learning objectives

  • You will bring together colleagues from other areas of your organisation and develop a common picture of your business model and external influencing factors that impact it

  • You will engage in our transformative business process that is both analytical and creative to develop ideas for new business capabilities that will allow you to thrive in the future

  • You will design the necessary business capabilities in detail and determine which measurable business outcomes you aim to realise through their development

  • You will develop a roadmap for organisational transformation that includes regular reviews and retrospectives to ensure successful change implementation

  • You will learn how to work with the analytical tools and creative collaboration methods we have summarised in our Kickstart Business Transformation Playbook in order to continue running your own organisational transformation workshops iteratively and independently

What comes with it?


Our coaches and facilitators have worked with clients such as LinkedIn, BMW, BASF, Bosch, Tesla, Amazon, Google and many others, supporting teams (5-100+) in more than 50 countries to kickstart business transformation

Experience Design

We combine classroom / online training, self-organised social learning and on-the-job application to create an engaging learning experience that encourages participants to put their new knowledge into practice

Transformation Playbook

Use the practical frameworks and tools from our 86-page Kickstart Playbook to become an in-house change consultants who knows how to lead teams through innovation and transformation processes

We are not here to tell you how to change. Each organisation is a highly unique and complex social organism who you are the real experts for. That is why our intention is to equip you with innovative and effective frameworks, methods, and tools through which you can identify and realise the necessary changes yourself without being dependent on external consultants.

The basic idea of our Kickstart Business Transformation Workshop is: “Teach me how to do it myself”. By learning not only how to develop your business model, but how to harness the power of collective intelligence by engaging in iterative and co-creative processes, you can become your own in-house consultants who can generate innovative business solutions on their own – time and time again.


How do we start the transformation? This is the most common question from executives. Start with a kickstart. This intensive workshop brings their team together, explores changing customer needs, develops business model innovations and creates new opportunities for growth.

But more than that, we help design and implement new business capabilities and make transformation actionable. Our Kickstart Business Transformation Playbook (86 pages) gives you a step-by-step guide on how to iteratively evolve your business model on your own.

Training modules


In the first phase of the workshop, you and your team develop a holistic picture and common understanding of your current business model and value proposition:

Step 1 – Business Model

Deep dive into the idea behind your current business model, as well as the structures and processes you use for value creation through the Business Model Canvas.

Step 2 – Value Proposition

Identify your current unique value proposition and review it using the Value Map and Value Proposition Canvas.

Step 3 – External Influencers

Examine how macro-economic trends, your partner ecosystem, values and needs of your customers / users, as well as competing business models may impact your organisation by using the 4 Influencing Forces Tool.

Phase 2: CREATE

Now it’s time to get creative and develop innovative business solutions! Through a mix of diverse frameworks, methods, and tools, we guide you how to find and validate new and necessary capabilities your business will have to develop to thrive in the future. A business capability is defined as something your company must be able to do (but cannot do today) in order to remain successful despite changing market conditions.

Step 4: New business capabilities

What does your company need to be able to do in the future in order to respond most successfully to the influencing forces and changes in the external environment? Find ideas for new business capabilities with the help of the TRIZ Process.

Step 5: Think disruptively

Challenge yourself and the ideas you collected to develop truly innovative business solutions by using the 4 Action Framework.

Step 6: Validate business capabilities

Evaluate the newly found business model innovations and capabilities and investigate feasibility and impact through the SCRUM Matrix.


In the final phase of the workshop, you will determine individual and collective actions and responsibilities for implementing the new business capabilities. You will also define what value each capability should measurably create for your customers and your company. Based on the desired outcomes, you will create a change management plan and detailed roadmap with regular reviews and retrospectives to ensure successful implementation and sustainable transformation.

Step 7: Design capabilities

Outline each selected capability in detail, define actions for development and implementations, allocate roles and responsibilities, and identify the desired, measurable outcome you aim to realise through this business capability using the Capability Design Canvas.

Step 8: Develop roadmap

List all action steps, roles and responsibilities in a change management plan that will be implemented over the course of 3 quarters

Step 9: Commit to implementation

Establish capability owners and decide what resources, processes, and activities they need to ensure sustainable implementation of the new business capabilities (reviews and retrospectives, platforms, communications, etc.)

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