Service Innovation

Re-invent and enhance the value of your services

Innovative Service Development

Deep dive into the inner and outer world of your customers to design new service solutions that will truly enrich their lives

Learning Experience Design

Make your products and services stand out by creating unique and emotionally engaging experiences around them


Use our tried-and-tested service innovation processes and tools to cross-check the value of your co creations with customers in real-time


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What is Service Innovation?

In today’s experience economy, it is no longer enough to just sell good products and services. Instead, companies must learn to co-create highly personalised and human-centred experiences around their offerings by mastering the art of Service Innovation.

The Service Innovation Workshop

Workshop description

To deliver unique and bespoke customer experiences, companies need to actively involve their clients and users in the innovative service development process. Through cross-functional collaboration with customers around how services should be created or adapted to meet their needs and preferences, organisations can foster creativity by overcoming silo-thinking, enhance an emotional connection connection between their brand and customers, and increase profits by designing exactly what the market wants.

Whilst we cover how this works on both a strategic and operational level in our Service Innovation Workshop, its’ higher purpose is to inspire a mindset shift in participants to think about value creation in a new and more holistic way:

By looking at how new products, services, and experiences can benefit business, society, and earth, our philosophy is to foster a win-win-win approach when it comes to designing innovative services to make them profitable for all.

Workshop take aways

  • You will analyse different global trends and their potential impact on your customers and business.

  • You play with hypotheses and conduct experiments using agile and creative methods, using our tried-and-tested Service Design Thinking Process and toolbox to develop innovative services that are grounded in meaningful and memorable customer experiences.

  • You will break down silos within your organisation and foster interdisciplinary, cross-functional collaboration to unleash new creative potential for service innovation by harnessing the power of diversity and collective intelligence.

  • You will explore how you can strategically develop services that are not only financially viable, but simultaneously add value to society and the well-being of our planet.

What comes with it?


Our coaches and facilitators have worked with clients such as LinkedIn, BMW, BASF, Bosch, Tesla, Amazon, Google and many others, supporting teams (5-100+) in more than 50 countries.

Experience Design

We combine classroom (online) training, self-organized social learning and on-the-job learning to design a sustainable learning process that you can easily integrate into your daily management routine.


We show your team how they can become innovation agents within the organisation by applying the principles and practices of co-creation outside of the service design context

Our Service Innovation Workshop is based on 3 integrated elements: Live-learning with the trainer in the (virtual) classroom, self-organised peer-to-peer learning, and on-the-job learning.

That means that our experienced coaches and facilitators will share their expertise around service design thinking in interactive live sessions, whilst participants further develop and deepen their new know-how in groups in between the sprints.

Since the practical application of training contents is essential for change and innovation to unfold, we provide access to our carefully curated triangility content library in which participants can find a variety of simple and effective exercises, templates, frameworks, processes, and tools for designing innovative services. These resources can help individuals to carry out further service co-creations on their own, in their peer groups, as well as with their teams, partners, and customers outside the workshop context.

Training modules

Before the workshop, we will send you a questionnaire developed by our service innovation experts, which you can use together with a selected customer or partner to interview them about your current products and services, as well as their current pains and needs. Based on the results, we then adapt the content of the Service Innovation Workshop specifically to your situation within our first Kick-off Session to ensure maximum added value for you.

The following workshop sessions are structured in 3 sprints that can be executed in 4-6 cycles of 2-3 hours if you opt for virtual delivery, or as a 2 full day live training.

In this very first session, the team will define a shared purpose, as well as collaboration principles and practices for the upcoming workshop. Moreover, participants will analyse the results from the Service Innovation Survey as a basis for exploring the new service they want to design:

  • Identify the value you want to create for your customers
  • Understand your customers' challenges, wants and needs
  • Map our your team's shared goals, commitments, resources, as well as risks when it comes to developing innovative services
  • List specific roles, structures, processes, tools, and practices that will enable your team to develop services effectively and efficiently
  • Revise your current business architecture to allow for more flexibility in the service design process
  • Analyse which people have essential roles or strong influence on implementing service design thinking within your organisation
  • Explore which digital capabilities you need to build, and what technology investments should you prioritize to foster service innovation and lean product management
  • Benchmark the best practices from leading service providers and map out which of them you can use to guide the development of your innovative service

In our first sprint, we will introduce you to the principles of service design thinking and develop a shared understanding of your clients' current and future needs. Based on that, we will identify at least one innovative service idea and customer experience around them.

  • Map out which digital mega and consumer trends are most important for your business right now
  • How might these trends impact you as a leader as well as your team / department / industry / the economy in the next 6-12 months?
  • How might your customers' needs / mindsets / behaviors / consumption patterns in the next 6-12 months?
  • Identify what products/services you currently offer, what value you create with them, hat problems you solve, and how your strategy might have to change based on global mega trends and your customers' changing needs
  • What do you need to remove/change/add to the services you provide today so they will still be relevant 6-12 months from now?
  • Map out potential internal and external barriers that may prevent you from successfully adapting your current service solutions
  • Explore what can you learn from leading service providers when it comes to transforming services into experiences
  • Analyse on what type of customers your current services are designed for what kind of activities and tasks your services help them with, what problems your customers will be facing in the future, and what innovative services they could benefit from
  • Define for what reasons your customers currently consume your products and services (rather than those of other competitors) by analysing which values and beliefs shape their purchasing decisions
  • Brainstorm what kind of products / services your customers will need in the future and how they may want to consume / experience them
  • Develop a list of ideas what kind of innovative services you could offer and conduct an analysis of their current and future market potential

In the second sprint, we will further develop your innovative service ideas based on the following guiding questions that will help you to create a plan for testing their value:

  • What is the elevator pitch for your service innovation?
  • What intention (your North Star) will guide your service design process?
  • What assumptions do you have around this service innovation? How can you test your hypotheses?
  • How can you and your team practice your skills related to service design thinking and lean product management?
  • What metrics are appropriate to measure success?
  • How much potential does the innovative service idea hold for whom?
  • How does your new service idea fit into your existing business model?
  • What key partners, activities and resources do you need in order to make the innovative service part of your existing business model?
  • How can you integrate customer co-creation within the service design process?
  • What marketing channels can you use to communicate the service innovation to the relevant target group?
  • How will the new service affect cost structure and revenue streams of your current business model?

Finally, we will use the learnings from the test run of your innovative service idea to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which you can use as a pilot project in your company. We will also define a scaling plan so that your new service can grow sustainably.

  • Analyse which established, growing, or not yet existing markets can you tap into with your service innovation
  • Explore which new and emerging technologies you can use to improve your new service
  • Brainstorm what you need to remove / change / add into your current business model for the service innovation to scale
  • Identify new competencies, activities, and resources that you need to develop on a personal & organisational level for the innovative service to grow from a pilot project into a successful new revenue stream
  • Consider to what extent existing values and beliefs that prevail in your organisational culture may sabotage the growth of your new service, and think about what you can do to overcome this cultural resistance
  • Determine what the successful implementation of your service innovation will look and feel like
  • Explore how you can promote your organization's social and/or environmental responsibility through your innovative service

Do you have Questions?

Are you interested in a training or a workshop – and want to make sure that your requirements are considered perfectly?

Verena Rhoads will answer your questions and advise you concerning your individual requirements. Use our contact form or speak to Verena directly:

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