Emerging Technologies

Identify the next wave of technology shaping our future

1 Day Delivery: Classroom or Online Product Code: SEC

1 Day
Delivery: Classroom or Online
Product Code: SEC

Future ready
your business

Design possible scenarios and opportunities for your business leveraging emerging technology trends. Learn to think like a futurist.


Stay ahead of your competition by creating innovation based on emerging technologies.


Inspire your team to constantly explore the opportunities of technology, remain agile and create value for customers.

Why this course?


Digitalization is upon us – changing how we work and create value. The enduring question: What’s the next technology that will transform the world like the internet did and how will we adopt and innovate? Every leader needs to understand new technological mega-trends and the threats and opportunities that they provide. Scouting Emerging Technologies must become a core competency in every organization.

Take aways

Our ‘Scouting Emerging Technologies Training’ is designed to give you a structured, step-by-step approach to guide you towards scouting and prospecting these mega-trends. The workshop starts by looking into how the brightest minds from the past and today predicted pretty accurately the future. We brainstorm and prioritize potential mega-trends by evaluating relevant market forces and exploring the impact of data and technology on your future business. Finally, we define and prioritize steps to prospect these new emerging technologies for your organization, delivering results while minimizing the potential risk.

What comes with the Masterclass?


Our facilitators work and facilitate technology transformation journeys with global technology companies in more than 50 countries across the globe. We can support client teams from 5 to 100+ participants. We apply the latest methods, tools and techniques for people engagement and business model innovation.

Curated Process & Toolset

After hundreds of projects, we have honed the essential steps for successful technological transformation.  Our process integrates proven methods, tools and ideas from ourselves and other thought leaders around the world.

Becoming a Futurist: Learning from futurists like Jules Verne, Michio Kaku, Elan Musk and cultivate an open thinking attitude

Fundamentals behind Digital Megatrends: Explore how digital megatrends can be clustered into Foundational, Enabling, Disrupting and Next Emerging categories

Analyse Key Megatrends through Examples: Learn how Digital Reality, Analytics/AI, Cognitive, 5G/IoT/ Tactile Internet, Advanced Robotics, Quantum are changing the environment short to long term

Reflect on Force and Impact: Explore how this trends potentially will impact today’s organisations, business models and society

Develop a different Attitude: Discover how lateral and probabilistic thinking can help to reframe how we approach emerging technologies

Learning from Others (the good, the bad and the ugly): Validate existing examples and develop your own scouting roadmap.

The Scouting Emerging Technologies Workshop unleashes creativity, creates a sense of urgency, and provides direction. It creates a broad portfolio of actionable ideas for new scouting and prospecting capabilities and brings everything into a scouting roadmap. Digital Megatrends are happening all the time – this workshop gets you started to be in the driver seat. Now.

What our customers say

"..the value and inspiration from the workshop is spot on with what we need as an organization as well as the opportunity to push this model to our partners and their clients"

Mark Herberger
Manager Digital Transformation | Ingram Micro
"Thanks to the team of triangility....
It was dynamite!"

Helmut Hoedl
Technology & Product Innovation Director
NTS Austria
"...a perfectly organized and facilitated workshop, an eye-opener to see what is possible..
I strongly recommend!"

Bernhard Brehm
Cisco Systems
"Can a virtual co-creation workshop format work over several hours, on different days, over weeks? Especially if the goal is to develop creative new service ideas? Yes - it can and very well."

Andreja Gerdemann
Service Product Manager | NTT
"It was a lot of fun to explore this magic with triangility..."

Kristina Appelt
Manager Systems Engineering
Cisco Systems