scouting Emerging Technologies

Synthesizing and sense making of noticeable signals

Emerging Technologies

Design possible scenarios and opportunities for your business by leveraging emerging technology trends. Learn to think like a futurist.

Technology Trends

Stay ahead of your competition by intelligently leveraging technology trends and developing strategies for anticipated change.

Technology Strategy

Develop a futuristic mindset to conduct a continuous scouting process for yourself, your team, and your company.

What are emerging technologies?

Emerging technologies are technologies whose development or practical applications are still largely immature. Nevertheless, Emerging Technologies have the potential for radical change and disruption as well as rapid growth. They can therefore have an economic and social impact and fundamentally change the status quo.

The emergent technologies workshop

Workshop description

In our chaotic world of opinions, hyped technologies, false urgency and half truths we need a function to stay ahead of the game – a technology trend scout.

By definition, a scout observes and detects information about activities, data and other characteristics of an assigned recon area. The recon process is to make sense of all scouted information and develop better future-strategies.

Scouting Emerging Technologies is a core competency in every forward thinking organization, focusing on: What’s the next technology that will transform the world? How will we adapt, and capture it’s potential?

Our ‘Scouting Emerging Technologies Workshop’ is designed to give a structured, step-by-step approach guiding towards scouting and prospecting these technology trends.

The workshop starts by learning from well know futurist of the past and present.

We apply tools to exercise and develop our scouting mindset, brainstorm and prioritize signals and connect them to potential emerging technologies. We’ll explore future scenarios and evaluate the impact on environment, society and business models.

Finally, we define and prioritize next steps for your organization, to deliver results while minimizing potential risk.

Learning objectives

The Scouting Emerging Technologies Workshop unleashes creativity, nurtures identifying and sense making of signals.

It creates a broad portfolio of actionable ideas for new scouting and prospecting capabilities and brings everything into a structured scouting process.

The identified scenarios will be evaluated against environment, society and business models.

Emerging Technologies arise all the time – this workshop gets you started to be in the driver seat. Now.

What comes with it?


Our facilitators work with global technology companies in more than 50 countries worldwide, helping them transform their technologies. We can support client teams from 5 to 100+ participants.


We support your team in quickly obtaining strategic impulses from emerging technologies and making them applicable.

Processes & Tools

Our experienced futurists have designed a proven scouting process including a practical toolset. With this you create innovation and establish signal scouting in your strategy process

While we have explored many emerging technologies ourselves, we don’t want to tell you which one is the most important for you – we guide you along a process so you can identify the most relevant ones for your organization.

We focus your team on three steps: orientation, creation, and implementation as an ongoing process.

Every participant contributes. We use a collaborative, dialogic approach unleashing the full potential of your team’s creativity, insight and wisdom to truly create a new path forward.

Workshop modules

Becoming a Futurist

Learning from futurists like Jules Verne, Michio Kaku, Elon Musk and cultivate an open thinking attitude

Understand the "Future Triangle"

Explore how signals, mega trends and emerging technologies are connected

Develop a Scout Mindset

Discover how mental filters, creativity, collaboration, convergence, probabilistic and system thinking impact your capability to filter out noise from the real signals.

Use the "Cone of Future"

Develop a set of different future scenarios using the Scout Mindset

Apply the Scouting Emergency Toolkit

Operationalize the learned as a group and explore the emerging technology of your choice

Evaluate the impact of your Emerging Technology Scenarios

Identify how your scenarios are impacting environment, society and business models and develop your own scouting roadmap

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