Our Solution

Transformation is complex

Transformation of a company is not just another management task. It’s not a project easy to plan and control, and you can’t simply delegate it to a council. Business Transformation is a complex venture.

It is less important where your transformation journey starts - with a new strategy, an innovative business model, new structure, digital technology. It is more important to integrate all areas. This means, whatever you may start doing, just consider the other areas as well.

Transformation is uncertain

Unfortunately, there are no cookbooks or checklists for digital business transformation. Even if technology is standardized - your company isn’t. You are successfully established, have gained know-how, experience, success factors and have built a strong value proposition. Now everything starts moving.

Transformation is uncertain and complex. But organizations and their cultures are coded for stability and certainty. To transform an organization means to consciously question traditional paradigms - to outsmart the system - and to engage in complexity.

Serious transformation always is a journey into the unknown, without any guarantees. It’s not a project you may plan within time, cost or quality. Just when the change begins to happen, you will be confronted with unexpected feedback. The system reacts.


Transformation is possible

Transformation follows a pattern - even if it seems chaotic. When people learn the cycle of transformation they gain trust and know when it requires resources and interventions and which one. As system thinkers, coaches and facilitators, we are familiar with the nature of transformation. We have the right tools and methods in place and believe: sustainable transformation is possible.

But where to start? With a new strategy, an innovative business model, digital services - or people getting trained in agile methodologies? All at the same time, the right answer would be. Instead of following a straight project plan, transformation happens in small evolutionary steps. Instead of best practices you will do experiments, instead of a steered re-organization you will strengthen self-organization and empowerment. It is less important where you start - just start. We will support you as experienced guides and facilitators.

Outsmart your system

Become familiar with the ‚nature‘ of transformation - with uncertainty, resistance and antagonistic forces. We provide certainty if the unexpected happens, we train leaders and employees, observe phenomenons in the transformation process and support cultural change by dialogic and agile interventions. We help your organization to ‚cultivate uncertainty‘. We provide methods and an integrale approach to support you on your digital journey. We have experience with complex systems, know digital technologies, support organizations with structures and facilitation and change culture together with your leaders. Holistic, agile and creative.