New Leadership

Core principles, competences and practices for thriving in the 21st century

Complex Change

Learn through which strategies you can effectively lead yourself, your teams, and your business in complex and uncertain times


Combine established with emergent leadership principles and practices to unleash synergy


Develop a (r)evolutionary leadership mindset and become a role model for the Future of Work


Traditionally, organisations are about structure, stability, scale and control. But the world is changing. Permanent change due to crises, mega trends, new technologies and the striving for more sustainability requires new leadership competencies. Leaders must learn to cope with not knowing, with uncertainty and complexity on the one hand and with growing social and societal responsibility on the other – and to remain effective.

The New Leadership approach integrates principles, competencies and methods to enable leaders to lead effectively despite high levels of uncertainty, complexity and dynamics, and to align their organisations with the future. New Leadership ensures autonomous and self-organised teams and actively creates a New Work culture. New Leadership integrates economic, social and ecological responsibility and becomes the new leadership paradigm.


We spent time to save you time. Together with Karlshochschule International University, we have evaluated 9 future leadership models, extracted 17 core principles, 8 meta competences and over a 100 practices.

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New Leadership Whitepaper

The new leadership training

Training description

Traditionally, leadership was about maintaining order, stability, and control. Today, we need a radically different approach to leading ourselves, others, business, and beyond to navigate the speed of change, increasing digitalisation and automation, shifting value orientations in society, as well as growing challenges for humanity as a whole, including pandemics,
wars, and climate change.

New competences such as creativity, critical thinking, resilience, emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, life-long learning, flexibility, and collaboration are required to meet the demands of the 21st century. However, only 30% of executives interviewed in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Survey said they knew how to develop these new leadership skills.

Together with Karlshochschule International University, we explored how to effectively support executives in their transition towards new ways of leading themselves, others, business, and beyond. Through the examination of 9 innovative and scientifically backed-up leadership approaches, we derived the shared principles, competences, and practices that underlie them which we share within our New Leadership Masterclass.

Learning objectives

  • You will elevate your self awareness by analysing your leadership identity and learn how to positively transform how you lead yourself, others, business and beyond based on the 17 New Leadership Principles

  • You will develop 8 New Leadership Competencies to put the principles into practice in your everyday work life

  • You will work with a vast variety of thought-leading frameworks, effective methods, and practical tools from our curated content library to explore what works best for you in order to realise successful and sustainable personal and organisational change

What comes with it?


Our coaches and facilitators have worked with clients such as LinkedIn, BMW, BASF, Bosch, Tesla, Amazon, Google and many others, supporting teams (5-100+) in more than 50 countries to adopt the principles, competencies and practices of New Leadership

Experience Design

We combine classroom (online) training, self-organized social learning and on-the-job learning to design a sustainable learning process that you can easily integrate into your daily management routine


To ensure that New Leadership becomes an integral part of your identity and work routines, our experienced coaches are available for individual support throughout the entire learning journey

Training modules

Connect Session

In our first session, we invite participants to get crystal clear on their personal and collective purpose and goals for the learning journey ahead. They will also choose the tools and ground rules for collaboration during the program.

Module 1: Leading Yourself

We begin our journey by bringing awareness to the unconscious internal and external influences on your leadership identity:

  • Understand how your personal values, beliefs, and experiences shape your leadership mindset and behaviours
  • Become aware of the influence that your organisational history and culture have on your leadership style
  • Learn how to effectively deal with triggering people / situations, cognitive dissonance, and self-sabotaging thoughts / behaviours
  • Increase the congruence of who you are as a person (outside of work) and as a leader (at work / in your role)
  • Strengthen your presence and awareness to respond more consciously to complex situations, instead of reacting from autopilot mode
  • Grow your resilience, resistance, and flexibility to calmly navigate through challenging and uncertain situations

Module 2: Leading Others

After our deep dive into your inner world and investigated how you can catalyse personal change, we will focus on developing your mindset and competencies around communication, coaching, delegation, and facilitation to foster group transformation processes:

  • Overcome internal silos to enable cross-functional and interdisciplinary collaboration, co-creation and innovation
  • Practice letting go of command and control to increase self-organization, trust, and ownership within your teams
  • Promote lateral and systems thinking within your teams
  • Learn to communicate on a meta-level to foster authenticity and trust
  • Understand the nature of personal and organisational transformation processes through the Hero’s Journey and the GROW Model
  • Empower groups to lead themselves and enable autonomous decision-making processes through Liberating Structures to increase flexibility, agility and speed
  • Align the values and goals of your employees with those of the business
  • Build strong and nurturing relationships beyond organisational roles by providing psychological safety, using the power of vulnerability, and promoting open and honest communication around individual and collective needs
  • Transform destructive discussions into meaningful dialogues
  • Integrate coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills into your leadership behaviour to effectively deal with interpersonal challenges
  • Grow the unique potential and strengths of individuals and groups in structured ways through the SKATE Competence Model
  • Learn how to build and effectively lead high performance remote teams
  • Foster flow, energy, creativity, and successful collaboration in virtual and hybrid environments

Module 3: Leading Business

Now, we will take a look at your corporate culture and current business model to identify what needs to be removed / changed / added in order to get future-fit as an organisation:

  • Discover relevant megatrends for your company and map out how they may impact your business
  • Explore how you can harness the power of collective intelligence by co-creating new products and services with various stakeholders
  • Understand the different ways in which you can change the fundamental beliefs, assumptions, and behaviours prevailing in your organisational culture
  • Know when to draw structure and stability, and when to foster flexibility and agility in to effectively deal wth complexity and uncertainty
  • Learn how to manage the transition from hierarchical and bureaucratic systems towards decentralised, networked and agile ways of working
  • Develop a shared purpose for organisational transformation and promote intrapreneurship to bring it to life
  • Develop a systemic perspective on organisations and learn the fundamental principles of how complex social systems operate
  • Explore which structures, processes and resources are best suited to successfully support the transformation of your company, and which tools and techniques you can use if your organisation resists any impulse to change

Module 4: Leading Beyond

Finally, we look beyond the boundaries of your own business and explore how you can use the New Leadership principles, competencies, and practices to contribute to the positive change of society and earth:

  • Deconstruct the meaning of sustainability, and what schools of thought, frameworks and models can be used to foster it within your organisation
  • Transition from a shareholder approach to stakeholder capitalism
  • Map out which values, beliefs, and assumptions may hold you and your organisation back from pursuing not only financial sustainability, but social and environmental sustainability
  • Use emerging technologies, data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to create a more sustainable future
  • Look at your organisation as a sub-system within the bigger system
    of society and the planet, and identify how you can harness this interconnection to foster innovation and positive transformation
  • Analyse what you have to do to shift from linear value creation to a circular economy approach
  • Establish environmental and social sustainability practices in your daily actions
  • Develop ‘human-only skills’ like empathy, mindfulness, creativity, and intuition within yourself and across your company to raise your competitive advantage in the age of automation and artificial intelligence
  • Identify how you can develop a more sustainable business model using the Triple Bottom Line Business Model Canvas

Structure & Methods

This Learning Journey consists of 3 integrated elements:

The New Leadership Learning Journey consist of 3 integrated elements: Classroom, social learning and on-the-job learning.

In 4 training modules our experienced coaches and facilitators provide insights and know-how around New Leadership, which will be further developed and deepened in self-organised and self-paced learning groups. Practical application is critical both to integrate the knowledge and achieve real results in your organization. We curate for you the necessary content, templates and tools required for an exceptional learning experience.

We focus on raising our conscious awareness of our behaviors, attitudes, and biases so that we can consciously change and expand our impact. We draw upon proven concepts from neuroscience, psychology, business leadership and systems thinking and then intensely apply and practice them during the master class.


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