New Leadership

Core principles, competences and practices for thriving in the 21st century

Develop a (r)evolutionary mindset

Expand your self-awareness, challenge the status quo, and envision an aspirational path forward that binds people together in complex and uncertain times

Connect established with emergent leadership approaches

Foster sustainable transformation by integrating old and new ways of leading yourself, others, business and beyond

Unleash synergy between technology and humanity

Re-discover and develop human-only skills to set your organisation apart in a business landscape that is dominated by automation and artificial intelligence


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Why the New Leadership Learning Journey?


Traditionally, leadership was about maintaining order, stability, and control. Today, we need a radically different approach to leading ourselves, others, business, and beyond to navigate the speed of change, influx of new technologies, shifting value orientations in society, and growing challenges for humanity as a whole.

It’s not surprising that the majority of executives struggle to respond adequately to these complex circumstances. In fact, only 30 percent of leaders interviewed in Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Survey said they know how to effectively develop new leadership skills to meet the demands of the 21st century.

To equip executives with the core principles, competencies, and practices of New Leadership, we studied a variety of innovative leadership approaches and extracted the fundamental ideas that underlie all of them.

In other words: We spent time to save you time by deriving the shared essence of what New Leadership really is about and making it easily accessible in this comprehensive, interactive, and inspirational Learning Journey.

Take aways

# You will learn about the 17 core principles of New Leadership and how to apply them to catalyse an ego-to-eco awareness shift in yourself, others, business and beyond

# You will develop new competencies based on the best insights and strategies from transformational, dialogic, servant, authentic, systemic, creative, clear, responsible and evolutionary leadership

# You will work with powerful practices rooted in neuroscience, coaching, psychology, business strategy, therapy, and arts to drive human-centric transformation hands-on

What comes with it?

Best-in-class facilitation

Our coaches and consultants have collaborated with diverse clients from midsized to large organisations, including LinkedIn, BMW, BASF, Bosch, Tesla, Amazon, and Google, equipping groups of 5 to 100+ participants in more than 50 countries with the essence of New Leadership

Interdisciplinary, agile, and sustainable learning experiences

We combine (virtual) classroom training, self-organised social learning and on-the-job education to engage participants in a continuous and multifaceted learning process that can they can flexibly integrate into their everyday (work) lives

Mentoring on-demand

To successfully implement New Leadership, our coaches and facilitators are available to the group and individual participants at every step of the learning journey to provide real-time support


We spent time to save you time. Together with Karlshochschule International University, we have evaluated 9 future leadership models, extracted 17 core principles, 8 meta competences and over a 100 practices.

Please download the white-paper for free and get inspired.

New Leadership Whitepaper

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Structure & Methods

This Learning Journey consists of 3 integrated elements:

In 4 training modules our experienced coaches and facilitators provide insights and know-how around New Leadership, which will be further developed and deepened in self-organised and self-paced learning groups. Practical application is critical both to integrate the knowledge and achieve real results in your organization. We curate for you the necessary content, templates and tools required for an exceptional learning experience.

We focus on raising our conscious awareness of our behaviors, attitudes, and biases so that we can consciously change and expand our impact. We draw upon proven concepts from neuroscience, psychology, business leadership and systems thinking and then intensely apply and practice them during the master class.

Detailed Course Description & Flow

In this brief introductory session, your leaders will get familiar with the purpose, goals, and logistics of the program, and jointly define the ground rules for their Learning Journey.

We start our journey by deconstructing your leadership persona and mapping out strategies for personal transformation:

  • How do your personal values, beliefs, and experiences shape your leadership identity?
  • What impact does the organisational history and culture have on your leadership mindset and behaviour?
  • How can you embrace cognitive dissonance, initiate perception change, and adopt a higher-order logic to solve complex problems inside and outside of yourself?
  • How can you increase your role-identity congruity to become more authentic and expand your social influence?
  • How can you overcome subjective brain filters to transform automatic reactions into conscious actions?
  • How can you strengthen your resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility to navigate challenging times with greater calm and confidence?
  • How can you gain more control over your thoughts and feelings to manage their impact on others and the business?

Based on our deep-dive into self-reflection and personal responsibility, we now explore how you can inspire and empower your teams, peers, and reports to lead themselves more effectively and achieve greater collaborative results:

  • How do you overcome organisational silos and build cross-functional teams for innovation and co-creation?
  • How can you nurture, manage, and harness diversity of thought?
  • What do you have to communicate to catalyse a mindset change in your team, boost their inspiration, and grow your social influence?
  • Which leadership skills and facilitation techniques are most effective to manage flow, energy, creativity, and collaboration in virtual environments?
  • How do you effectively lead self-managed groups and empower agile, autonomous decision-making?
  • How can you create bespoke learning opportunities based on individual passions and potentials?
  • What can you do to align individual and organisational values and goals?
  • How do you build meaningful relationships beyond organisational roles to foster psychological safety?
  • How do you discern with coaching and mentoring approaches authentically fit your leadership style, the situation, and the individuals you’re dealing with?
  • How can you support others in developing their digital literacy together with unique human-only skills, such as empathy and intuition?

By decoding your current corporate culture and business model, we map out strategies how to catalyse sustainable, holistic, and human-centric transformation inside your organisation:

  • How can you deepen the value and purpose-orientation in your company culture to allow for intrapreneurship?
  • How do you create a hybrid work environment in which people are free to choose where, when, and how they work, without risking any compromises on organisational performance?
  • How can you co-create new products and services with diverse stakeholders?
  • How do you shift from a profit- to purpose-mindset and analyse business success based on economical, ecological, and societal value contribution?
  • How do you foster versatile adaption whilst maintaining stability in your business operations?
  • What steps can you take to sustainably transition from hierarchical systems and bureaucratic processes to decentralised and agile ways of working?
  • Which global and digital mega trends are most relevant for your organisation, and how do you leverage them to future-proof your business model?
  • How do you discern which new technologies serve your employees best?
  • What are the myths and truths about how to change organisational culture?
  • What leadership structures, tools, and processes are best suited for facilitating transformation in your organisation specifically?

Finally, we go beyond the boundaries of your business and explore how you can apply your new leadership learnings to foster positive change on a bigger scale:

  • How do you design practical and emotionally-resonant strategies for impact?
  • How can you replace addictive consumerism with conscious co-creation?
  • How do you move from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism?
  • How can you channel digital innovation towards outcomes that are more in tune with the wider needs of society and earth?
  • How can you start thinking differently about the design of your organisation and the role it plays to align its’ purpose to wider societal goals?
  • How can you demystify sustainability to convince your teams, peers, customers, and reports of making green changes without compromise on profits?
  • How can you upgrade your human operating system (your consciousness) to expand your understanding of, connection to, and influence on complex situations and systems?
  • What can you do to develop regenerative and inclusive social systems within you company, communities and for future generations?

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