Virtual Environments

Connect, inspire and lead your teams in virtual environments.

1 Day Delivery: Online Product Code: MVE

1 Day
Delivery: Online
Product Code: MVE

your audience

Inject more fun and inspire your audience using THE 7 ACES methodology.

your content

Frame your content effectively and delivering in ways that commands attention and creates retention.

Use advantage
of virtual

Gain confidence by leveraging the unique advantages virtual environments offer.

Why mastering virtual environments?


Are you ready to leverage virtual environments like Cisco WebEx Teams, Zoom, MS Teams to produce the highest impact possible?  Do you want to enable an open and engaging experience for participants, while also creating effective results and outcomes?

The Latin word for easy is ‘facilis’. Consider the essence of facilitation as ‘the act of making something easier.’ Everything is easier if people enjoy doing it!

Facilitating and executing virtual events requires a fundamentally different approach to live events. We will coach you through our 7 principles of virtual facilitation providing you the tools to plan and execute brilliantly.  

As Viktor E. Frankl said: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.“

Take aways

The Global Pandemic has forced us to work in ways we didn’t expect. We understand how challenging virtual environments can be. In this seminar we bring together our decades of experience in both live and virtual environments summarized in our “7 Aces Principles” to show you how to combine planning, dialogic principles, and engaging strategies to make your virtual events both stimulating and impactful.

Eliminate “Virtual Meeting Fatigue.” Learn how to grab attention and hold it by creating real engagement. Instead of the typical “Information Push”, learn how to engage your audience, unleash their creativity and create results during your virtual session.

What comes with Kickstart?

Best-in-Class Facilitation

Our facilitators have decades of experience delivering in both live and virtual environments around the globe in the areas of business, sales and technology.

Universal Tools & Methods

You will walk away with tools and a methodology you can use for any virtual delivery.

Expert Coaching

This is a hands on seminar where you will be coached not just on managing a virtual environment, but all aspects of message delivery, including driving your audience towards action.

The 7 Aces Canvas

Our THE 7 ACES canvas is the foundation of the seminar and will serve you as the most important tool for virtual events in the future.

This seminar is delivered in 4 phases conducted over several days. Some sessions can be combined together on the same day.  We highly recommend executing all phases within a few days to one-week time frame although the Connect phase may occur well in advance of the others.  

Connect: In the Connect Phase, each participants goals and purpose for the workshop become clear.  On what specific skills or new abilities does each person want to work?  We organize participants with common goals into learning teams and decide on which technologies, collaboration tools we will leverage for the event.   

Orientate: This is the “Learning Phase” of the event where participants explore concepts to make virtual events more fun, fluid, and effective.  We introduce you to our “7 ACES” Canvas for effective presentations covering how to better frame content, present, and collaborate for more effective virtual events.    

Create: Participants apply what they learned previously creating or modifying drafts for their own virtual events.  

Implement: Participants demonstrate their new virtual delivery skills to the group and receiving coaching and feedback from both our experts as well as their learning peers.

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