Learning Journeys – why we think learning differently

Why do we build learning journeys?

Leadership is a reflection of the spirit of our time. Since the 21st century is characterized by constant changes and deep disruptions, leadership evolves faster and more radically than ever before. Many leaders struggle with the complexity and uncertainty around the transformation of their role and responsibilities and seek for professional support.

This high demand lead to a booming training industry that overflows with programs that promise quick fixes based on innovative approaches, such as servant, transformational, or creative leadership. Despite the legitimacy of all these emerging leadership styles, the jungle of buzzwords and offerings often creates even more confusion than clarity: What kind of leadership is right for one’s personality, company, industry, and current situation?

We spent time to save you time by deriving the common essence of these diverse new leadership models, translating them into a set of principles, related competencies, and practical tools to facilitate personal and organizational transformation.

However, no one learns to be a good leader by staring at a screen – no matter how valuable the content may be. That’s why we chose to enrich our unique training content with a radically different learning context that we refer to as Learning Journeys.

What makes learning journeys different?

We define a learning journey as a long-term leadership development program that is based on an interdisciplinary education approach and facilitated by agile experience design.

Here’s what makes them an innovative alternative to traditional trainings:

#1 Learning journeys last longer

The pandemic made traditional classroom training obsolete, but the need for education remained. Leadership workshops were usually hosted at the office for several days. Since this was no longer possible, we did not only move to a virtual context, but changed the entire structure of how we used to do trainings by extending the learning process to a couple of weeks or even months to mix it with different learning styles and formats. Being trained over longer periods of time allows people to develop broader knowledge, gain deeper insights, and facilitates more sustainable integration of new inputs. The ongoing mentoring that our leadership trainers provide for participants throughout the learning journey facilitates the application of new know-how into everyday business operations. Regular and structured peer-reflections further contribute to the richness of the sustainable learning and development process on an individual and collective level.

#2 Learning journeys prioritize peer-to-peer and on-the-job education

In general, organized leadership trainings only make up 10% of the leadership development process. Most executives learn 90% of their knowledge, competencies, and skills indirectly on-the-job or in social settings. Since the vast majority of learning takes place in informal contexts, learning journeys are designed to leverage this potential by going beyond the classroom. This change was inspired by the feedback from our workshop participants who claimed that the most valuable parts of the training were always the ones where they had the opportunity to experiment in groups and apply new competencies and tools on-the-job. Therefore, we chose to make these parts the major parts of our trainings, only integrating a small introductory classroom unit right at the beginning of the learning journey to then give more time and space to social and on-the-job education throughout the rest of the experience.

#3 Learning journeys foster co-creation

We live in an experience economy where passive consumption is increasingly replaced by active participation. This is why a key element of our learning journeys is co-creation. Participants are invited to not only be consumers but creators of their own learning contents throughout their journey and use them on the job. This co-creative process of building knowledge and capabilities allows for deeper understanding of the materials, higher engagement, and more sustainable learning outcomes through experimentation, collaboration and contribution. The participatory learning format is complemented by our ever-evolving triangility Content Library. This library does not only provide curated micro-learning units, engaging exercises, and practical templates around diverse leadership competencies that are available to participants throughout their journey, but is further enriched by the contents they create themselves. As a holistic and ever-growing knowledge base, our Content Library is designed to inspire and empower people to learn however they choose.

How do learning journeys work?

Our learning journeys are designed to help leaders unleash the full potential of their people and organizations in simple, effective, and sustainable ways by drawing from the expertise and experience of our diverse consultant community in the areas of strategy, structure, culture, leadership, and technology.

Here’s our 5 step impact process that underlies all learning journeys:


We define your challenge and derive related learning requirements.


We develop ideas, provide industry insights, draw from experience, and share wisdom from a wide range of disciplines to form the basis for diverse solution approaches.

Design & Test

We choose the most promising solution approach using our community master brain and co-create bespoke training content with our most fitting leadership and learning experts.


We deliver a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


We provide ongoing support for leaders to establish new competencies measurably and sustainably in their daily operations.

Ready to start your own?

Join us for a 1.5 hour Learning Journey Co-Creation session (remote) with your team to define your current challenges, articulate desired gains, and map out the required competences that your team will develop throughout the custom Learning Journey that we will design for you. Contact us