Lead & Collaborate in hybrid environments

Leading and collaborating effectively in hybrid work environments

Have impact

Develop joy in leading in hybrid environments and captivate your team with the 7 ACES method

Boost creativity

Use the power of framing and present content in a way that grabs attention and boost creativity

Put people first

Put people first and create trustful, engaging and collaborative work environments

Why this course?


The Covid-19 pandemic forced millions of employees around the world to transition into home offices almost overnight. Research shows that the majority of leaders are convinced that hybrid ways of working are here to stay as the trend towards remote and flexible work styles has already been growing among employees before the pandemic hit.

So if the nine-to-five office-based business as usual is declining, how can leaders successfully manage teams and organizations in a hybrid world where remote platforms and live in-person interactions complement on-site collaboration? Technology alone is not going to be the answer. Instead, leaders must adopt a fundamentally different set of leadership principles that put humanity first. Only through this human-centric approach, organisations will be able to apply emerging technology purposefully to thrive sustainably in times of crisis.

It is no secret that leaders who are willing to understand the unique (virtual) work experience of each of their team members to find ways how technology can support people, instead of trying to have people support a certain technology, have a happier, more engaged and innovative workforce. To master hybrid business environments, (self-)awareness is essential to navigate through the complexity added by collaborative platforms and emerging technologies.

Take Aways

You will understand the rising complexity of leading in a virtual and hybrid environment by having experienced it through our immerse learning design. You will know how to mitigate “Virtual Meeting Fatigue”, how to grab and keep attention high by working with a variety of human engagement techniques, both in-person and remotely.

You will expand your tech-awareness to build a new leadership mindset that fosters performance and wellbeing among remote employees through empathy and connection. You will be able to apply key facilitation skills to confidently lead in a human-centered, empathetic and adaptive way in hybrid work situations and environments.

What comes with it?

Best-in-Class Facilitation

Our facilitators have decades of experience delivering in both live and virtual environments worldwide in medium and large organizations

Universal Methods

You will learn tools and methods to use the best of both worlds and to design (hybrid) leadership effectively and individually

Coaching on Demand

To enable you to implement hybrid leadership immediately and integrate it into your daily management routine, you will be supported by a coach if required

what our customers say:

"..the value and inspiration from the workshop is spot on with what we need as an organization as well as the opportunity to push this model to our partners and their clients"

Mark Herberger
Manager Digital Transformation | Ingram Micro
"Thanks to the team of triangility....
It was dynamite!"

Helmut Hoedl
Technology & Product Innovation Director
NTS Austria
"...a perfectly organized and facilitated workshop, an eye-opener to see what is possible..
I strongly recommend!"

Bernhard Brehm
Cisco Systems
"Can a virtual co-creation workshop format work over several hours, on different days, over weeks? Especially if the goal is to develop creative new service ideas? Yes - it can and very well."

Andreja Gerdemann
Service Product Manager | NTT
"It was a lot of fun to explore this magic with triangility..."

Kristina Appelt
Manager Systems Engineering
Cisco Systems