Set up your thinking space

A lab is a space for new thinking. It exists in the real world, meaning that there is a room within your company building that is reserved for creative thinking only. Depending on the challenge, a facilitator (trained by us) will offer suitable tools, drive the learning process and care to keep the lab a safe space. The methods orientate on self-organization and self-responsibility. Labs are temporary learning spaces for designing the future.

Labs are a safe space for fresh ideas, crazy thoughts, honest feedback and constructive criticism. We encourage communication on eye-level and are advocates of dialogical leadership. You and your team are in this together – finding the right way for your digital transformation will be a joint effort. The way your personal lab is going to be structured is completely up to you. People are encouraged to play with new methods, foster innovation, test new organizational designs or create culture hacks.

We work with…

  • Organization Development establishing space for digital innovation and organizational change
  • Operational Managers with responsibility for a day-to-day business but the need to transform from inside-out
  • Self-organized teams trying out new methods/tools aiming for innovation and organizational change
  • Pioneers, Rebels and Change Agents that need a safe space for creating the NEW

A protected hub for daring ideas

The lab is protected against daily business pressure. Together, we create a temporary (or permanent) physical space in your company and equip it with everything you need to get your team's ideas flowing.

Labs aren’t there to trot along beaten paths – they’re a means to stray from them, to go exploring uncharted territory, to collect new impressions and ideas – and to bring them to the table and evaluate them without prejudice or restrictions.