Kickstart IOT
Business Transformation

Starting your IoT Business Transformation and
implementing new capabuluties

2 Days Delivery: Classroom or Online Productcode: KBT-IOT

2 Days
Delivery: Classroom or Online
Productcode: KBT-IOT

Adopt change quickly

Kickstart guides you in 9 steps through an IoT business transformation. You can quickly adopt changed customer needs and create & implement new capabilities based on the Internet of Things.

Conquer new markets

The Internet of Things offers new opportunities. Kickstart explores opportunities and accelerates your time to market of IoT services by evolving your business model quickly.

Remain a
leading Brand

Strong brands become stronger – even in crisis. With Kickstart you keep control over your brand and use the momentum of change to remain a leader with IoT.

why kickstart IOT?


Only 47% of Executives feel confident that they can realize sustainable value from transformation.  Transformation attempts often fail.  A KPMG study explains five key reasons why: failure to understand the complexity of the operating model, inability to innovate (not just services, but also the business model itself), missing the cultural connection, failure to take a “business value first” approach to technology and finally inability to execute.


This is why we created Kickstart for IoT, a variation of our Kickstart Transformation program in partnership with IoT ONE, a leading IoT research and consulting firm.   Kickstart IoT is a proven 9 step curated process and transformation toolbox designed to Kickstart your team towards successful business transformation focused on IoT strategies and technologies.  During our workshops you will analyze and innovate on your existing business model, design new IoT driven capabilities, and create a transformation roadmap.   Our business coaches will guide you through the process delivering results on Day One.

What comes with Kickstart IOT


Our facilitators have worked in midsized to large companies and client teams from 5 to 100+ participants. We facilitated transformation journeys in more than 50 countries, apply the latest methods, tools and techniques of people engagement and business model innovation

Curated Process & Toolset

In over hundred workshops we discovered the 9 essential steps to business transformation. Our process integrates various methods and tools from ourselves and other known thought leaders into an applicable and proven process.

Research & IOT Use Cases

Have access to research and use cases. Our Partner IoT ONE is a pioneer in the IoT market and made their expertise a part of Kickstart IoT.

Kickstart Playbook

The entire process is written down in our Kickstart Playbook with more than 80 pages. You will be able to continue your journey and iteratively repeat the ideation, design and implementation of new capabilities. The playbook comes with the workshop and is free of charge download.

This interactive workshop aligns your teams, links customer demand to innovation, and searches for growth opportunities leveraging the IoT.   We get you started implementing new IoT based business capabilities and make them actionable. Along the way we invite IoT experts to provide research and insight to help us zero in on the most promising initiatives and approaches tailored to your specific business situation. 

Our Kickstart Playbook (80 pages) will provide you guidance to continue the process of iterative innovation after we leave. If you need more help, we can connect you with a team of global IoT innovators and practitioners who can provide ongoing guidance and insight.

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Download the Kickstart Playbock

Download the Kickstart Playbock

The Playbook is designed as a step-by-step approach, teams can independently apply the flow and kickstart their business transformation.

Take a look and download it – it’s free.