Kickstart Digitalization

Our hands-on workshop to start your journey

In a structured, step-by-step approach we support interdisciplinary teams building a transformation roadmap. The kickstarter workshop starts with your current business model, evaluates influencing factors, explores the impact of data and technology on your future business, creates new digital capabilities and defines the steps to implement those within your organization. It delivers results from day one.

Who needs this workshop?

The people driving digital and transformation, passioned by new opportunities and looking for a point to start at:

  • CxO’s starting a corporate movement for digital transformation
  • Leaders & Managers looking for a structured and proven approach to digitalization
  • Organization Development aligning strategy, culture, structure and technology to enable digital business transformation
  • HR developing a community of pioneers for the digital heroes journey
  • Teams of all kind diving into culture and creating a new mind-/toolset for collaboration

What are you going to take away?

We create a thorough analysis of your current situation and possible outlooks by working on the following subjects:

  • General overview of current digitalization drivers
  • Current state of your business model and your value proposition
  • Creating new capabilities for your digital transformation
  • Analyzing your digital value
  • Drafting new infrastructure to support your digitalization
  • Building a roadmap to evolve your business model, including roles & responsibilities
  • Involving stakeholders like customers and staff in the digitalization process

Kickstart your digital transformation

The age of digitalization is upon us - and it certainly change work and value creation. Many enterprises feel the pressure this new way of work environment puts on their established processes, structures and business models. And there's some existential questions that every business needs to ask itself: Are we ready for this digital future? Where will we stand in 10 years if we don't start our digitalization right now? What competencies do we need to gain? Where do we find qualified employees?

Our Kickstart Digitalization workshop is designed to find your individual answers to these pressing questions. It will help you generate an overview over the state of your business's digitalization progress. We will then explore which chances, opportunities and risks you might face - and how to meet them properly. Finally, we will develop a roadmap for your digitalization that you can apply immediately.