Introduction to Sustainability

Driving a responsible and regenerative future through business.


Bring clarity into the confusion when it comes to the topic of sustainability and how to integrate it into your business strategy


Learn to create synergy between your financial, social, and environmental goals

Holistic business transformation

Understand and leverage the connection between digital and sustainable transformation to thrive in the future economy

What is Introduction to Sustainability?

Over the past two decades, the role of organisations in society has changed significantly. Whilst the so-called ‘shareholder capitalism’ has provided us with strong economic growth, it has has also led to severe social and environmental damage.

Thus, the U.S. Business Roundtable and the World Economic Forum recently re-defined the purpose of business in the 21st century and established ‘stakeholder capitalism’ as a new paradigm for “building back better”.

The Sustainability leadership training

Training description

Thought-leading organisations have already recognised that they can only reach their full potential and keep competitive advantage in the post-growth economy when they consider all stakeholders, including customers, partners, employees, society and the planet within their decision-making processes and equally pursue economic, social and environmental goals.

But how do you get started?

Due to the overload of information on the topic of managing sustainability, this training aims to bring clarity into the confusion by providing leaders with an overview of the most recent developments, important requirements, and first action steps for implementing a responsible and sustainable stakeholder-oriented strategy in their companies.

Learning objectives

This training is specifically designed for managers and leaders and provides a compact introduction to sustainability:

  • You will learn about the most important global developments and milestones on the way to a sustainable (business) future

  • You will get an overview of the most important concepts, standards, frameworks, and methods that allow you to competently participate in sustainability discussions and initiatives

  • You will learn how to integrate your stakeholders into business decisions and pursue economic, social and environmental goals at the same time

  • You will develop an initial business case for managing sustainability in your company with guidance from our seasoned experts

What comes with it?


Our trainers and consultants bring many years of leadership experience themselves. They have worked with executives from a wide range of mid-sized and large companies in over 50 countries - on-site, virtually and hybrid

Intensive Learning Experience

We combine content (knowledge, data, hacks, methods, etc.) with hands-on exercises, demanding challenges to create an outstanding learning experience that will change the way you lead sustainably


In the training, you will plan upcoming meetings, workshops or events using our hacks and the WIRKSAM formula so that you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice.

This leadership training integrates 3 different elements: Guided training sessions, organised learning in groups and practical application

In the seminar, our experienced coaches and trainers provide insights and know-how around hybrid leadership. Participants will also solve self-organised challenges on their own responsibility and will be supported by our coaches. In parallel, a method case is created so that participants can integrate their knowledge and apply it in their daily work.

Our Learning Experience Design Team focuses on delivering outstanding learning experiences. We believe that cognitive understanding is not enough to create lasting change. Personal and emotional experiences, reflections and feedback are important to deeply embed the new and also create a desire to change.

Training modules

  • A brief history of sustainability: The most important developments to date
  • Factors accelerating change: From pandemics and climate crises to changing expectations of investors, customers, consumers and employees
  • The shift towards a 'purpose-driven' economy
  • The convergence of corporate sustainability and digital transformation

  • Business as a driver of positive global transformation: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact.
  • Understanding ESGs: Environmental, Social, Governance
  • Emerging business models: Purpose-led, shared value, B corporations, stakeholder capitalism, post-growth & circular economy
  • The role of digital transformation in enhancing corporate sustainability
  • New obligations and standards for disclosure of goals, initiatives and KPIs around sustainability and the impact on CEO & executive management

  • Brainstorming: How can sustainability positively impact innovation, customer loyalty or employer branding and improve your long-term financial performance?
  • Benchmark: Case studies on sustainable business practice

  • We take a look at global initiatives and trends that will shape your long-term business goals, and identify how you can leverage them
  • We discuss how your financial goals can be designed for the benefit of all stakeholders

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