Demystifying Business Sustainability

Create business value by delivering a sustainable future for all

Sustainable Business

Start your business transformation and move your organizations towards sustainability

Technology enabled

Understand how digital is enabling inclusive and sustainable value for all stakeholders

Business Case

Explore the value creation potential of 'Purpose Beyond Profits' and develop your business case

Why this course?


Over the past few decades we have seen a significant shift in businesses’ role in society. Whilst shareholder capitalism has delivered economic growth, it has left a path of social and environmental destruction in its wake. And amidst the health and economic crises wrought by COVID-19, as well as the calls for social justice in many countries, there is renewed focus on how companies need to evolve to be more resilient and responsive to the needs of all its stakeholders.

Both the US Business Roundtable and the World Economic Forum have recently re-defined the purpose of a company – from Shareholder Primacy to Stakeholder Capitalism. Leading companies are now embracing purpose beyond profit, recognising that “without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders.” (Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, 2018 letter to CEOs)

Business sustainability is taking on a new urgency, with demands from investors, consumers and employees alike. The sustainability revolution is upon us and, like the digital revolution that preceeded it, promises to fundamentally change everything.

Take Aways

Specifically designed for business leaders, this course will demystify business sustainability and provide insight as to why now, more than ever, it’s time to create a new “business normal” that delivers a sustainable future for all stakeholders. You will get insights into trends & frameworks and the role of technology – and you will learn how to start building a sustainability business case for your organization.

What comes with it?

Seasoned Experts

Our facilitators have many years of experience with corporate sustainability and are now making their expertise available to you


The training provides inspiration and initial guidance to help you develop a business case for sustainability in your organization

Quick introduction

You will get a focused introduction to the most common concepts of sustainability and be able to properly classify the idea of stakeholder capitalism

what our customers say:

"..the value and inspiration from the workshop is spot on with what we need as an organization as well as the opportunity to push this model to our partners and their clients"

Mark Herberger
Manager Digital Transformation | Ingram Micro
"Thanks to the team of triangility....
It was dynamite!"

Helmut Hoedl
Technology & Product Innovation Director
NTS Austria
"...a perfectly organized and facilitated workshop, an eye-opener to see what is possible..
I strongly recommend!"

Bernhard Brehm
Cisco Systems
"Can a virtual co-creation workshop format work over several hours, on different days, over weeks? Especially if the goal is to develop creative new service ideas? Yes - it can and very well."

Andreja Gerdemann
Service Product Manager | NTT
"It was a lot of fun to explore this magic with triangility..."

Kristina Appelt
Manager Systems Engineering
Cisco Systems