1. Juni 2021

Projekt zu New Leadership mit der Karlshochschule International University

Der Fokus unserer Arbeit hat sich seit dem letzten Jahr stark auf das Design neuer Formate für Führungskräfte gelegt. Offenbar besteht ein großer Bedarf daran, Führungskräfte […]
6. Mai 2021

You are a leader? You are in trouble!

I tested it. On Amazon, I searched for the term ‚Leadership‘. Amazon offers me 400 pages to scroll over. Given 20+ titles per page, there’s roughly […]
6. Mai 2021

What can companies learn from MacGyver? Creativity!

What is creativity? When you see the rusty handlebars and the seat of an old bicycle – what do you see? A rusty handlebar and an […]
29. April 2021

New Leadership Whitepaper

Why do organizations need new leadership? Historically, leadership was designed around order, stability, control and scale. However, these strategies don’t work in a (business) environment so filled with […]