21. September 2021

What pain teaches about learning

I’ve been Nordic walking regularly for a few weeks now. Is that cool? No.Is it something to show off at parties? Nope.And what it has to […]
10. August 2021

What drummer Tony Allen teaches us on good leadership

In April 2020, Tony Allen passed away. He lived to the age of 79. You probably don’t know Tony Allen. When he died, he was one […]
21. June 2021

The story behind triangility: Transforming ourselves to transform others

How it all started Did you ever stumble over some old, long forgotten presentations from the early stages of your business development that still seemed valid, […]
8. June 2021

Learning Journeys – why we think learning differently

Why do we build learning journeys? Leadership is a reflection of the spirit of our time. Since the 21st century is characterized by constant changes and […]
1. June 2021

Research Project on New Leadership with Karlshochschule International University

Since last year, the majority of our work concerns the development of leadership trainings. It seems that there’s a huge demand in developing leaders for the […]