6. May 2021

What can companies learn from MacGyver? Creativity!

What is creativity? When you see the rusty handlebars and the seat of an old bicycle – what do you see? A rusty handlebar and an […]
6. May 2021

How to turn your digital transformation – and make it really count

Not a day passes for me without seeing the many ways in which digital technology can advance peace, human rights and sustainable development for all.” – […]
6. May 2021

You are a leader? You are in trouble

I tested it. On Amazon, I searched for the term ‚Leadership‘. Amazon offers me 400 pages to scroll over. Given 20+ titles per page, there’s roughly […]
6. May 2021

Crisis is a time to create the new

6. May 2021

Find Meaning

6. May 2021

The power of community

6. May 2021

Don’t be a conformist

“Don’t be a conformist!” That’s just one advise Ana Rivas shared in another interview with our Co-Founder Robert Schaffner. We’re happy to let you meet another […]
15. March 2021

New Leadership Whitepaper

Why do organizations need new leadership? Historically, leadership was designed around order, stability, control and scale. However, these strategies don’t work in a (business) environment so filled with […]